Throwback from BEGE Expo 2015 - Interview with Guido Scarpetti, Alberici S.p.A

BEGE Expo was held for 8th consecutive year from 24th to 25th November, 2015 in Inter Expo Center, Sofia.
Alberici Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electronic coin acceptors, banknote validators, money changers, hoppers, illuminated push-buttons, and accessories for gaming machines, always focusing on advanced technologies and top quality standards.

On show Alberici’s renown payment peripherals, as well as the brand new lines of illuminated pushbuttons, and the latest machines for coin-and -banknote change.

- PIN and UP money changers
- Hira units, wall-mount/free-standing
- OryOne and BillyOne note validators
- HopperOne S11, the superior quality hopper with optic-sensors
- Argo GPRS and GPS modules, allowing real time monitoring of each machine
- Illuminated push-buttons with bright Halo effect
- Vanguard and Shuttle light toppers