Liège Game Laba will host the first time Replaying Japan, a free online international conference on Japanese video games

Liège Game Laba will host the first time Replaying Japan, a free online international conference on Japanese video games

The University of Liège’s interdisciplinary laboratory for video game studies (Belgium) will organize at the end of July and in August the eighth the edition, deddicated tjis year to the Japanse Esport scence.

Replaying Japan is an annual conference launched in 2012 by the Ritsumeikan Center  for  Game  Studies in  Kyoto and dedicated to the videogame  culture in Japan. If it is not the first time that the conference is held in a country other than the one which it was born in - notably Nottingham in England in 2018 or Leipzig in Germany in 2016 - the year 2020 will mark a first for Belgium ; indeed, it is the Liège Game Lab (LGL), the University of Liège's interdisciplinary laboratory for video games studies, which will have the honour of hosting this year's conference, entitled Ludolympics 2020 and dedicated to Esport.


The event will bring together game researchers specialized in Japanese electronic sports and competition, with Keynote Speakers Susana Tosca, Professor of Digital Media in the Department of Arts and Humanities at the University of Roskilde (Denmark) and Florent Gorges, President of Omake Books and co-founder of Pix'n'Love, both French publishing houses respectively dedicated to the geek and Japanese cultures for the first, and to video games for the second. Florent Gorges will hold a conference on the first steps of Japanese Esport, while Susana Tosca will speak about the consideration of Japan as the "Promised Land" of video games by gamers, and the cultural mediation built around this video game culture in the country.


But of course, Susana Tosca and Florent Gorges' talks will not be the only assets of Ludolympics 2020 : many other scientists will cover subjects as diverse as sociability in and around Japanese games, aesthetics, contemplation and narration in Japanese games, Japanese games and affects, and much more ! 


In practice, although the conference was initially scheduled to take place in the heart of Liège during August, the upheavals caused by COVID-19 Pandemic orced the Belgian laboratory to adapt in order to comply with the health measures in force and guarantee everyone's safety ; thus, those interested in the event will be able to follow this eighth edition of Replaying Japan online for free. The conference will take place in two stages : from 27 July 2020, participants will post videos, texts or commented PowerPoints presentingtheir research on the "Replaying Japan 2020" course on the Jobs@Skills platform. These contents will be free of charge and viewable in advance. Then, from 10 to 13 August 2020, live discussions between scientists and listeners will take place on the Discord "RJ2020", while the interventions of the Keynote Speakers will be live streamed on the  Twitch  channel of the LGL. The full program is available on the conference website at


During this second period, the different events will be held every day from 14:00 to 17:00 (Belgian time) in order to guarantee a comfortable participation to the different speakers as the scientists will be located in different time zones. Also, in order to facilitate communication between individuals from such diverse countries, all exchanges and contents will be in English.


For more information, and to find the complete program of this event, you can consult the websites presented below. Furthermore, Léanna Michel, research assistant at LGL, is at your disposal to answer your questions.


Summary of practical informations :

  •         Dates : from 27 July 2020 and from 10 to 13 August 2020
  •         Time : 14:00 to 17:00 (Belgian time)
  •         Plateforms : Job@Skills, Discord and Twitch
  •         Price : entirely free of charge
  •         To access the contents of the conference : Please follow the instructions posted on the websites linked below.
  •         Language : English


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