Women in Gaming: Kate Chambers

Women in Gaming: Kate Chambers


Why do you think it is so important that Clarion and the ICE events take a lead in the promotion of cultural and gender diversity?


Intrinsically it’s the right thing to do and I’m a great believer in being positive, affirmative and metaphorically building bridges rather than walls.  It also makes huge business sense.  If commercial organisations select from one socio economic class, one gender, sexuality or culture they are not going to be equipped or capable of reflecting the needs of society at large.  Diversity also impacts recruitment: increasingly the smartest minds are going to select from organisations that reflect their outlook on work, society and broader values.  A narrow, inward looking organisation will struggle to attract the dynamic and agile minds with great EQ that every employer wants and needs.


What makes ICE Africa so special when compared with other ICE events?

It’s an ICE event and ICE events although they will differ in scale, share the same DNA, the same values and the same outlook.  What does that mean? It means the glass is always half full, ICE events love a challenge and they never hide from their responsibilities to their customers and stakeholders. We think about our brands as if they were people and taking that line of thinking ICE would make a fantastic neighbour and a loyal friend.


Following the ground-breaking launch of ICE Africa last year, what do you hope ICE Africa will offer new and returning attendees in 2019? 

I am delighted that we have established solid foundations on which to build and develop  the ICE Africa brand.  The secret of establishing a successful event is to work with the entire stakeholder community in order to create something that the industry needs and will therefore support.  


These are very exciting and dynamic times for the development of the industry in Africa and as the only Pan-African event, ICE Africa has an important role to play in helping to drive sustainable business growth set against a backdrop of progressive and socially responsible regulation.  The key issues that we are addressing is to emphasise the totality of the proposition both in terms of the gaming universe and geography.  Our strap line for 2019 is ‘Shining a light on Africa’s gaming ecosystem’ and I believe that is an accurate summary of what’s in store for visitors planning their time at the Sandton Convention Centre in October.


This year’s celebration of Women In Gaming highlights the contributions made by inspirational and motivational women to the gaming ecosystem on the continent of Africa. The women that we are featuring come from all sectors of the industry and nations on an international landscape.

Join an exclusive Women In Gaming breakfast on the second day of ICE Africa.  It will provide the perfect opportunity for delegates and attendees to meet some of the inspirational women that have participated in the campaign, to network and to talk diversity in gaming There will also be a series of educational and learning opportunities covering a broad spectrum of topical issues, including how diversity affects businesses drawing on the lived experiences of influential female gaming thought leaders.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities and learn more about becoming one of this year's Women in Gaming, contact nazlee.fredericks@clarionevents.com.