Get Ready for the iGaming and TECH Summer Run-Off on Strava!

Get Ready for the iGaming and TECH Summer Run-Off on Strava!



Welcome to the iGaming and TECH Summer Run-Off on Strava!

Why You Should Join:

  ●       Boost Your Health: Swap screen time for running time and reap the benefits of fresh air and physical fitness.

  ●       Connect with Colleagues: Interact with peers in a fun and supportive environment. Share routes, running tips, and motivation!

  ●       Compete and Conquer: Keep an eye on the leaderboard, challenge friends, and track your progress. Who will be the top runner this summer?


Challenge Details:


●       Period: June 14 – August 31

●       Open To: Everyone in the igaming and tech sectors. All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to marathon veterans.

●       Goal: Whether it’s your first 5K or you’re training for a marathon, set personal goals and use the club to stay on track.


Prizes and Perks:

●       Recognition: Weekly shoutouts for top performers and most improved runners.

●       Swag: Exclusive gear for standout runners at the end of the summer.


Getting Started Is Easy:

  1. Join the Club: Search for “iGaming and Tech Summer Run-Off” in Strava Clubs or click here and hit ‘Join’.
  2. Log Your Runs: Use Strava to track your runs. Each run will automatically update the leaderboard in our club.
  3. Engage: Post your routes, share photos from your runs, and engage with other members in the discussion section.

Let’s make this summer unforgettable! Lace up your running shoes, set your goals, and let’s run this season into the ground. Ready to sprint into action?

For more information and to join the challenge, visit our Strava club here.

The up-to-date leatherboard can be found here:

Don't forget to share your runs on social media! Tag @HIPTHER to showcase your achievements and connect with fellow participants. This challenge isn't just about physical fitness—it's about boosting our mental well-being too.

Let's support each other and make strides towards better health, both mentally and physically! #iGamingTechRunOff #HIPTHER