SiGMA Asia Awards brings glamour to Manila gaming event

SiGMA Asia Awards brings glamour to Manila gaming event



Hosted by Mark Borg and Monica Shi, the prestigious SiGMA Asia Awardsceremony, held as part of the SiGMA Asia event, stands as a pinnacle ofrecognition and celebration within the Asian gaming industry.

The event was generously supported by BETCONSTRUCT, an award-winning technology and service provider for the online and land-basedgaming industry.Taking place in the Conrad Hotel’s beautiful Ballroom ahead of tomorrow’sconference and expo, the event gathered the brightest minds and mostinnovative companies in the sector to honor their remarkable achievementsand contributions. From virtual sports providers to casino operators, affiliatemarketers to blockchain innovators, the SiGMA Asia Awards spotlight theleaders driving the industry forward in this region.
As the gaming landscape continues to evolve here in the Philippines andthe greater East Asia region, this ceremony not only highlights outstandingperformance but also sets the standard for excellence, inspiring futureadvancements and collaborations. Join us as we delve into the highlightsand key moments of this year’s SiGMA Asia Awards, showcasing the bestand brightest that Asia’s gaming and tech industry has to offer.

The evening also featured a captivating performance by Femme MNL, aPhilippine dance troupe who have previously headlined World of DancePhilippines as well as featuring in Troye Sivan’s Southeast Asia dancevideo for his song “Got Me Started.”An art auction, led by an energetic Rick Goddard, was held towards theend of the evening, with proceeds going towards a number of philanthropicprojects spearheaded by the SiGMA Foundation, with an additional chequepresented in a special announcement by the sponsors of today’s SiGMAInvitational Golf Tournament, SONG88 and QTECH Games, to the SiGMAFoundation. The companies said that they were ‘grateful to the the SiGMAFoundation’ and that ‘it was great to be able to give something back.’

Here are tonight’s SiGMA Asia Awards winners

BEST AGGREGATOR 2024,Gamingsoft

Gamingsoft has won Best Aggregator 2024 for its exceptional integrationcapabilities. Their innovative solutions and robust support services have seta new industry standard for efficiency and reliability.BEST E-SPORT PROVIDER 2024, BETERBETER has been awarded Best E-Sport Provider 2024 for its cutting-edgetechnology and comprehensive esports offerings, providing unparalleledlive data and engaging content.

BEST AFFILIATE PROGRAM 2024, 1xPartnersSponsored by Sportradar

1xPartners takes the crown for its outstanding commission structures andcomprehensive support system. Their user-friendly platform and innovativemarketing tools have significantly boosted affiliate success rates.


iSlot has been awarded Best Remote Slot Provider 2024 for its diverse andinnovative slot game portfolio. Their cutting-edge technology and engaginggameplay experiences have set a new benchmark in the online gamingindustry.


SamuraiClick has been awarded Best Casino Affiliate 2024 for itsexceptional performance in driving high-quality traffic and conversions.Their strategic partnerships and advanced marketing techniques havesignificantly enhanced affiliate success in the casino industry.


AP Gaming has been awarded Best Sportsbook Provider 2024 for itscomprehensive betting solutions and exceptional user experience. Theirinnovative platform and reliable services have set a new standard in thesports betting industry.

BEST CASINO OPERATOR 2024, CasinoPlusSponsored by Alea Gaming

CasinoPlus has been awarded Best Casino Operator 2024 for itsunparalleled gaming experience and exceptional customer service. Theirdiverse game selection and innovative features have set a new industrybenchmark for excellence.

BEST VIRTUAL SPORTS PROVIDER 2024 Sponsored by SoftGamingsDigitain takes Best Virtual Sports Provider 2024 for its cutting-edgetechnology and immersive virtual sports offerings. Their commitment to
quality and innovation has significantly enhanced the virtual sportsexperience for players worldwide.

BEST SPORTSBOOK OPERATOR 2024, ArenaPlusSponsored by GR8 TechArenaPlus stands out for its exceptional betting platform and superior userengagement. Their innovative features and reliable service have set a newstandard in the sportsbook industry.

BEST PLATFORM PROVIDER 2024, TC GamingSponsored by SpribeTC Gaming has been awarded Best Platform Provider 2024 for itsinnovative solutions and robust technology infrastructure. Their user-friendly platform and comprehensive support services have revolutionizedthe gaming industry.

GG Affiliates has been recognized as the Rising Star Affiliate Program2024 for its rapid growth, innovative strategies, and commitment to affiliatesuccess. Their dynamic approach and strong partnerships are paving theway for future excellence in affiliate marketing.BEST LIVE CASINO PROVIDER 2024, SA GamingSA Gaming has been honored as the Best Live Casino Provider 2024 forits immersive live gaming experiences and cutting-edge technology. Theircommitment to excellence in live dealer games has captivated playersworldwide.

Pronet Gaming has been acclaimed as the Best Multi-Channel Provider2024 for its seamless integration across various channels, offering acohesive gaming experience. Their innovative solutions and versatileplatform have propelled them to the forefront of the industry.

BEST SLOT GAME PROVIDER 2024, PegasusPegasus has been rewarded for its captivating game designs andinnovative features. Their commitment to delivering high-quality andengaging slot experiences has earned them recognition as a leader in theindustry, delighting players worldwide.

BEST INNOVATIVE SPORTSBOOK FEATURE 2024, BetConstructSponsored by Oddin.ggBetConstruct has been recognized for its groundbreaking technology andforward-thinking solutions. Their pioneering feature has revolutionized thesports betting experience, enhancing user engagement and setting newindustry standards.

BEST CRASH GAME PROVIDER 2024, SPRIBESPRIBE has been awarded Best Crash Game Provider 2024 for itsexhilarating gameplay and innovative features. Their commitment todelivering top tier experiences in the crash game genre has earned themdeserved recognition.INDUSTRY RISING STAR 2024, K36K36 has been hailed as the Industry Rising Star of 2024 for its rapidgrowth, innovative approach, and disruptive contributions to the gamingsector. With their bold ideas and dynamic strategies, K36 is reshaping theindustry landscape and inspiring future innovation.

BEST LAND-BASED, EGTEGT wins for its exceptional gaming machines and innovative solutions inthe brick-and-mortar casino sector. Their commitment to quality andinnovation has made them a trusted partner for casino operators
worldwide, enhancing the gaming experience for players in physicalvenues.

BEST PAYMENT PROVIDER 2024 – JetonSponsored by 1xbetJeton won Best Payment Provider 2024 for its innovative solutions,seamless user experience, robust security measures, and exceptionalcustomer support.OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO GAMING 2024, Alejandro TengcoAlejandro Tengco has been honored for his visionary leadership andprofound impact on the gaming industry. His unwavering dedication toinnovation, pursuit of excellence, and transformative initiatives haveprofoundly influenced the gaming landscape in the Philippines, fosteringcontinued growth and development.

BEST LIVE GAME NEWCOMER 2024, Cabaret Roulette Game Show byWinfinityCabaret

Roulette Game Show by Winfinity has been hailed as the BestLive Game Newcomer of 2024 for its captivating blend of entertainmentand gaming. Cabaret Roulette has quickly risen to prominence, setting anew standard for live game entertainment.

BEST CYBERSECURITY SOLUTION 2024, GaiaGaia has been awarded Best Cybersecurity Solution 2024 for its robust andcomprehensive approach to protecting gaming platforms from cyberthreats. Their innovative technology and proactive measures have ensuredthe integrity and security of online gaming environments.

BEST MARKETING SOLUTION PROVIDER, LaafficLaaffic has been honored as the Best Marketing Solution Provider for itsinnovative approach and comprehensive strategies that drive playerengagement and retention. Their dynamic solutions and data-driven
insights continue to empower gaming operators to maximize theirmarketing efforts effectively.

BEST NEW SLOT GAME 2024, Bloodmoon Amazonia by Live22 xSlotsMakerBloodmoon Amazonia, a collaboration between Live22 and SlotsMaker,has been crowned the Best New Slot Game of 2024 for its captivatinggameplay and immersive theme. With stunning graphics and innovativefeatures, Bloodmoon Amazonia has quickly captivated players, setting anew benchmark for excellence.

BEST PLATFORM PROVIDER NEWCOMER 2024, SoftgamingWith its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly interface, Softgaminghas quickly established itself as a key player in the industry, setting newstandards for platform providers entering the market.

BEST SLOT PROVIDER NEWCOMER 2024, AlizeAlize has been awarded the title of Best Slot Provider Newcomer 2024 forits innovative game designs and captivating gameplay experiences. With afresh approach and dedication to quality, Alize has quickly made its mark inthe industry.

BEST LIVE CASINO GAME 2024, Allbet – Infinite BlackjackAllbet – Infinite Blackjack wins Best Live Casino Game of 2024 for itsimmersive gameplay. With its high-quality streaming and engagingfeatures, Allbet has set a new standard for excellence in live casino