SiGMA Asia Auction raises €47,600 for Foundation charity

SiGMA Asia Auction raises €47,600 for Foundation charity



Taking place during the SiGMA Asia Awards ceremony, the charitableauction featured an array of vibrant works – generously donated byinternationally recognised artists for the philanthropic cause. Guestsenjoyed a sophisticated evening at the Conrad Hotel’s elegant Ballroom,with spirited bidding led by an energetic and charismatic Rick Goddard.

Proceeds go to support a number of global projects championed by theSiGMA Foundation, including a multi-sensory hall for disadvantagedchildren in Baatan, Philippines – which will be inaugurated this month aspart of the SiGMA Asia 2024 agenda. The auction raised over €47thousand.The highlights of the night were a boxing glove signed by the legendaryManny Pacquiao, and a painting titled The Queen’s Gambit – sparking abidding war, and ultimately raising a significant amount. The event not only
showcased incredible talent but also fostered a spirit of generosity, bringingthe gaming community together to support meaningful causes.The event received generous support from BETCONSTRUCT, an award-winning technology and service provider for the online and land-basedgaming industry.

Auction 1: Sold for €600 to MATCH LIQUIDITY

Faith to Launch Out (Series No.5) by Rene B. Milan.The first piece to go under the hammer was a vibrant abstract by Rene B.Milan. The 50×50 cm Acrylic on canvas depicts the well known Biblicalstory of Fisherman and Fishers of Men from the Gospel of Luke. Amidst theswirling waves, the painting reveals 3 disciples letting down their nets topull out a bountiful catch from the depth of the sea, an image which calls onthe viewer to launch into the deep and have faith.

Auction 2: Sold for €5,500 to PIN-UP PARTNERS

Trio: Jackie Chan, Koi Maiden and Manny Pacquiao by Derek Mason.This trio of paintings from acclaimed British artist Derek Mason bring brightcolours and vibrant energy to the canvas. From the bold spirit of martial
arts master Jackie Chan and iconic boxing legend Manny Pacquiao to themysterious symbolism of the koi carp, each brushstroke narrates apowerful tale of transformation.Auction 3: Sold for €10,000 to PIN-UPPARTNERS
The Wonderful Eye by Edo.
Heavy with intriguing symbolism, Edo’s painting, The Wonderful Eye,sparks reflections on the nature of spirituality, power, and our place in theuniverse, in this vibrant acrylic on canvas.


Auction 4: Sold for €10,000 to PIN-UPPARTNERS

Moneyfesting:One Great Love by Arvin R. Rabot.
Entitled Moneyfesting: One Great love, this painting from Filipino artistArvid R. Rabot features the Arowana, an auspicious dragonfish associatedwith prosperity and good fortune.


Auction 5: Sold for €15,000 to PIN-UPPARTNERS

Queen’s Gambit by Angela Nikolau.Known as the world’s most extreme female artist, Nikolau has createdartworks on some of the highest points on Earth. Queen’s Gambit is an oilon canvas in the form of the Queen of Diamonds playing card, featuringseveral traditional casino elements. Its chessboard invites viewers to jointhe game and make their move.

Auction 6: Sold for €6500 to MATCH LIQUIDITY

Boxing Gloves signed by Manny Pacquiao.The chance to own a piece of boxing history was irresistible to theaudience. Signed by legendary boxer, Manny Pacquiao – an eight-divisionworld champion, the gloves are a must-have for any boxing enthusiast,symbolising the prowess and legacy of one of the sport’s greatest icons.

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