Introducing Antonino Barra: Altenar’s New Head Of Sales!

Introducing Antonino Barra: Altenar’s New Head Of Sales!

Altenar, a sportsbook software provider, would like to introduce its new Head of Sales, Antonino Barra, a seasoned and passionate professional in the field of Operations, who is bringing his expertise, pastime and passion to the field of Sports Betting.

Antonino artfully demonstrates and encapsulates his experience in the phrase, “before you pitch a pen, you should be sure that a pen is what your customer actually needs.” 

Get to know Altenar’s Head of Sales, ahead of expos, events and new partnerships by reading the interview below … 


What excites you about the world of sports betting?
Being a gambler myself, I know the feeling of anticipation that creates a natural high, that adrenaline rush; a feeling many of us seek when placing a bet. As a professional working in the field, I take delight in thinking that I am somehow contributing to the development of this fast-paced, ever-changing industry.


Why did you choose to apply for Altenar? 
Although it sounds a bit cliché, I appreciate finding solutions and I take pride in knowing that I'm assisting customers in expanding their operations. Altenar is mission-driven, highly customer-focused, and committed to growing businesses in an ethical manner and through different channels. I have a similar mentality, and I thought it would have been thrilling to share the same mission.


With SIGMA Europe fast approaching, how do you think the space of sports betting and iGaming will change in the coming months/year? 
The Covid-19 pandemic is still having an impact on many businesses, but things are improving compared to this time last year. Industry forecasts indicate that iGaming is far from reaching its pinnacle in the old Continent: growth trends have been more recently (and consistently) fuelled by emerging Eastern and Southern Countries and newly legalised actors within the business, like the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland will be ultimately accelerating an upward drift.

Could you explain your passion for sales and how your expertise will benefit Altenar’s new and seasoned partners?
I’ve been working in Operations for the last ten years, and the expertise I have gathered during this time is now driving me to pioneer a field that better aligns with my interpersonal skills, interests, and disposition. Understanding partners’ needs is my creed and I am sure I might have some trump card up my sleeves that can definitely be considered as an asset.

How have your previous roles/education prepared you for this opportunity?
By teaching me the ability to convey the value of a product in a way that is relevant to a customer, either seasoned or prospective. Gathering adequate information or insight into what your customers are looking for is the key to assess, discuss and definitely solve their needs. Before you pitch a pen, you should be sure that a pen is what your customer actually needs.


What steps do you take to understand a customer's needs and how do you implement/tailor this in your interactions with potential customers?
Understanding what your customer really needs is the cornerstone of any fruitful partnership, whether it be new or not. Being able to translate this knowledge into results you can act upon is the key to maintaining and reinforcing existing partnerships, whilst  founding, nourishing and growing new business relationships. So, in a nutshell: listen, provide value, aim for a mutually proficuous goal.


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