Preview of the Next Virtual Show

2021 ASEAN Digital Culture, Tourism & Recreation Expo (Virtual)

Date: September 22nd (00:00)-28th (24:00)

Website: www.yzdli.com/cloudexhibition/OLE20210727_56835630


High Praise From Both Exhibitors & Visitors!

Featuring a total of 133 leading exhibitors with 2720 exceptional products, the 2021 Global Digital Culture, Tourism & Recreation Expo (Virtual) welcomed international trade visitors from over 50 countries and regions.


Out post-show survey showed that 74% buyers have found products they needed and were considering serious follow-up business with suppliers they met at the show. Currently, around 60% of exhibitors have re-booked for the ASEAN virtual show coming up this late September.










Partial Feature Exhibitors by Sector




















































New Exhibitors Came With a Myriad of New Products


It was very exciting to see many first-time exhibitors joining our virtual show this August, such as Golden Dragon, Chestnut Technology, Suote Electronic Technology, Potato Animation, Owens Building Materials, Jinshu Water Treatment, Yelang Tech, and etc., and coming along With them were a series of unique new products!


Golden Dragon Amusement


Golden Dragon is currently Asia’s biggest amusement equipment manufacturer with the most diverse products choices.


Featured Exhibit: 88-Seat Two-Story Crystal Carousel


The biggest feature of this carousel is its gigantic ceiling which is fully covered by colored relief sculptures and adorned by color changing lights, creating a fairy tale-like atmosphere. The first of this majestic and luxurious carousel is installed in Chongqing, and has become a famous local attraction, attracting nearby residents to take photos and have fun.







Guangzhou Chestnut Technology

Chestnut Technology is a young and fast-rising start-up company, mainly focusing on mixed-reality e-sports solutions.


Featured Exhibit: "T.A.I." Yuanli Ball

In 2019, Chestnut Technology developed the world's first intelligent sports competitive project "T.A.I." Yuanli Ball, which is based on dodgeball, but the use of MR technology has given it more possibility and playability. Following the first "T.A.I." Gymnasium opened in Guangzhou in 2020, it has quickly spread to Chengdu, Henan, Hunan, Hangzhou, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Jiangsu and now even Vietnam.


Suote Electronic Technology

Suote is a professional provider of various self-service solutions and vending machines. Their latest offering is their smart delivery robot. 


Featured Exhibit: Smart Delivery Robot

By customizing different appearances and features, this smart robot by Suote has a wide range of applications, such as working as a waitress to take and deliver orders, a hotel butler to show guests their room and bring room services, a shop assistant to show customers all the new arrivals, or a guide at an attraction to give visitors information, and so forth.