The best gaming show on the Balkans

The best gaming show on the Balkans

Already for the 5th year - 16-18 October, Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Bulgaria


BEGE Expo 2012 is a unique chance to get familiar with the latest trends in the gaming and entertainment industry and to examine together the new challenges and opportunities for the business.

BEGE Expo 2012 covers the gaming, entertainment and technology market with a focus on the latest innovations and alternative ways for amusement.

Our 5th anniversary makes us widen the range of companies we invite to the exhibition. As a result, now we have even more new partners from the software and entertainment industry.

BEGE Expo 2012 continuously remains the most popular Show on the Balkans. For the 5th anniversary edition BEGE Expo is an international stage for companies presenting their products and services in gaming and entertainment sector.

Traditionally BEGE Expo 2012 encourages companies to join BEGE Awards 2012 ceremony, which aim to distinguish companies from gaming and

entertainment industry with a special contribution to the sector. Do not hesitate and apply! We trust that your products are unique and deserve recognition!

Are you ready to be a part of the most important trade show on the Balkans?

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2. Book your stand at a preferential price by contacting our sales department at or +359 28129481; +359 885 880 518;

3. Present your company on 16-18 October, 2012.

BEGE Expo 2012 gives you a chance to get in touch with your target group and show your unique products and services by the updated marketing options.

Do not miss the opportunity and become a part of this Balkan gaming adventure -

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