CLOVER LINK FROM APEX GAMING IS THE TALK OF THE G2E Installations already completed in five US states

CLOVER LINK FROM APEX GAMING IS THE TALK OF THE G2E Installations already completed in five US states

APEX gaming is quickly making a name for itself in the American continent America, especially in the USA and Mexico. CLOVER LINK is the success story that has proven and consistent above-average floor takings. The unique features behind CLOVER LINK has enabled this jackpot game to become a firm favorite among players and operators alike.


It was no surprise that CLOVER LINK was the focus of the show for many visitors. The team of APEX gaming took the opportunity to exhibit various versions of CLOVER LINK solutions: The Big Island Edition (8 slots, 2 banks), the Round Edition (4 slots, circular design) and the Wall Edition (which is flexible and expandable). Adding to this, operators can choose from a wide range of Pinnacle slots, including the Black Series with two wide-screen monitors, the 43” curved screen and the Pinnacle Premium SL slant top (PPSL) with three-monitors.


The number of installations is rising quickly in the USA. APOGEE Gaming is the master distributor for APEX gaming in North America. Under the leadership of Mr. J.L. Drapeau, APEX provides professional service, being completely dedicated to its customers. Mr. Drapeau noted, “We have already installed CLOVER LINK in five different US states. We will be reporting shortly on these success stories. The show was amazing – APEX has become well known in the US in a very short period of time. Player response to CLOVER LINK has been outstanding, as evidenced by its extremely high occupancy rate”.

APEX gaming makes the difference indeed in all the areas it works. The electronic roulette – the APEX PLAYER STATION (APS) – can also be found in casinos in the USA. The APS with dual roulette wheels was shown on the stand. Operators appreciate the fact that the APS can be connected to up to 4 roulette wheels – both live and/or electronic. Furthermore, the APS offers four additional table games (Baccarat, Sic-Bo, Black Jack, Bingo) as well as APEX´s latest Multi-Game platform EVO3.


APEX gaming has pioneered the ability to play with tickets direct at the live gaming tables – thanks to the iDROP family. The iDROPs is the most in demand as it can manage 250 bills (and tickets) at one time at a validation rate of up to 6 per second, making it ideal when players sit at a table with a large number of bills. The stacker capacity reaches up to 10,000 bills/tickets. All bills and tickets are accounted for and management has immediate access to the actual live drop data. A further benefit: the iDROPs can handle multiple currencies.


Live gaming solutions are a further growth area for APEX gaming. APEX gaming manufactures high quality live gaming tables with a wide choice of cloth/felts. Furthermore, practically all the live gaming accessories can be sourced from APEX, including chips, cards, the Ball and Dice Tester and a Roulette Wheel Leveler with a leveling base.


Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming, was extremely pleased with the outcome from the G2E Las Vegas, stating, “APEX gaming is now firmly on the US gaming map. CLOVER LINK has been an amazing success here and we were very busy introducing this to operators from all around the world. We supply so many solutions that casino operators can source from us: slots, jackpot islands, electronic roulette, iDROP and customized live gaming solutions. We are truly making a strong contribution to take gaming to the next level here”.