BEGE 2019 the biggest gaming hub in Eastern and Central European region comes back this November to showcase the latest gaming technologies and industry trends. TVBET an internet-based live-games provider is attending the show for the first time and it’s ready to showcase their new releases at the event, taking place at 20-21 November at Inter Expo Center, Sofia. Peter Korpusenko, CEO of TVBET talks about company’s expectations from the upcoming BEGE 2019 and shares his expertise on the Live Game advantages, as well as the industry future developments.  


GS: Tell us something you think readers really should know about your brand.

TVBET, in a nutshell, is a world provider of fast live-games for which there is no alternative. Our games integration allows casino and sports to stand out from the crowd of competitors while at the same time supporting stable growth.

GS: What was the inspiration behind your company?
Our company had its debut in 2016, and since then cooperates directly with more than 70 casinos and betting operators worldwide. We took the experience of the best companies in the industry, added our own and multiplied it by innovations. The main inspiration was and still is to help our clients grow, by integrating superb content into their platforms. Currently, we stream 10 unique games for our partners.

GS: What were some challenges you’ve faced in the gaming business so far?
Speaking of the product, for us it was important to prepare a technical solution with high quality stream and modern backoffice ready to use. Content localisation in accordance with the requirements across different markets also plays a significant role. We decided to offer clients the most popular live-games in their region, and this requires a very thorough effort.And the most important thing for TVBET was to acquire a reputation of a reliable and stable provider of live-games. In just one year we got more than 70 partners across the globe, which was made possible thanks to the uncompromising quality of our games and huge popularity among players.

GS: What is the key advantage of live games?
Considering the reasons partners choose TVBET integration I can indicate the following factors:

1) Our live-games do not suffer from low seasonality that exists in sports competitions, thereby helping our partners to reach a steady growth of visitors during the off-season.
2) The content is designed to literally “glue” players to their screens. Charming hosts, fast-moving developments in popular 10 games, individual jackpots and bonuses – all these elements keep visitors stuck on a partner’s website.
3) Real-time streams also provide a high level of trust of players when choosing TVBET games among other proposals.

GS: Do you think that Eastern Europe has the potential to be a leading market in that sector and what role could TVBET play in that development?
Eastern Europe region has everything for solid growth every year. Concerned audience with internet access, large presence of mobile devices, and the growing popularity of betting and casino products available - all these factors allow to achieve the growth rate of 6-8 per cent or above. TVBET, in turn, enriches the diversity of suggested gaming entertainments.

GS: Are you planning any possible business in Bulgarian market?
Sure, now we are negotiating with key market players here. Moreover, we plan to be represented at the leading bookmakers and casinos in Bulgaria and neighbouring countries by the end of the year.

GS: How does an event like BEGE boost your overall operations? 
BEGE is a great opportunity to share our knowledge with the leading companies in Eastern Europe. TVBET provider is well-known in Europe and CIS where we are already working with market leaders, and here we can discuss the opportunities, as well as represent our insights to the concerned audience of business professionals.

GS: How is your company preparing for BEGE 2019?
We are going to present our new game called “Lucky6” that is already available in “Demo” section of TVBET website. Besides, we are preparing the cases that will show how profitable the live-games integration is.


GS: You are coming for the first time to BEGE, what are your expectations?
Our goal at BEGE is to present our best games, as well as making deals with the leading market participants.


GS: What can the public expect from your booth?
Our expert from TVBET is going to address the conference in order to allow audience to make sure that our deep expertise helps sports betting operators grow. We will also introduce our 11 games, including several new products, which, according to our forecasts, will be very popular in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

GS: Do you have a personal favorite product of your portfolio?
We are positive that all our games and our functional are masterpieces both technically and visually. For instance, 1Bet made in the format of an american show may be identified, or WheelBet with its colorful roulette and a beautiful presenter, or even War of Elements with its completely animated background where Fire stands against Water. This is only part of our games, and the entire portfolio can be found at our stand.

GS: What do you think about gambling future regarding new technologies?
The global gambling market is growing at 5-7% annually, having billions in turnover. We predict that the share of live games in the revenue structure of bookmakers and casinos will increase from 30 to 40% in the next 5 years. For us, this means an explosive increase in the number of bets and the income as well.Of course, technological superiority should remain in the first place since only it will allow companies to maintain leadership in the industry.

GS: What aspect of TVBET are you the most proud of?
We at TVBET are all pleased to note that our fast live-games respond to requests of both operators and clients. Thanks to TVBET integration, casinos and sports betting companies benefit from the profitable product as an additional service, while players gain the unique gaming experience.

GS: What is the x-factor for your company, if there is any?
It’s all about the expertise. We understand that the game is not made by electronic machines, but by people. And which is why our efforts are always dedicated to obtaining the best streaming quality in the pleasant company of adorable hosts while playing dynamic live-games.


GS: Working in many countries all over the world, do you find that there are cultural differences from one gambling market to the next, or are gaming professionals from different nations quite similar?
Speaking of players, cultural specificities have an impact on preferences. For instance, lottery games like Keno, 1Bet, 5Bet and other are very popular in Africa, while people in Europe more inclined to card games, like PokerBet, JokerBet. At the same time, Asians prefer Baccarat, players from Latin America - dice and lottery as well.As for the gaming professionals, there is no relevant different visible. They are following world trends and trying to correspond to world quality standards in order to stay competitive.

The TVBET team will be available for meetings at Booth 3.13 at the BEGE 2019 held 20-21 November at Inter Expo Center, Sofia