AMATIC Industries: A Firework of Innovation was promised and duly delivered at ICE

AMATIC Industries: A Firework of Innovation was promised and duly delivered at ICE


AMATIC Industries duly delivered its promise to deliver a Firework of Innovation at ICE. The company not only introduced a wave of new exciting games to its ever growing Multi Game portfolio – two brand new cabinets were given their premiere at this years show as well. And even more: the Roulette Grand Jeu was presented with a brand new overhead display design.


It’s all about the games for AMATIC, the MULTI GAME company. A wide range of new games was on display to ensure that literally every type of player has something to look forward to. These included titles such as Chilli Willie, Dia Muertos, Hot Fruits 100, Miss Lucky, Red Wizard and Super Cats. 


State-of-the art technology with clear Austrian flair is the hallmark of AMATIC Industries. Being an independent company with a creative license to mould the market with innovations keeps players loyal to AMATIC and entices new ones to get to know the AMATIC products as well. These strengths have been clearly demonstrated at ICE with the introduction of two new upright gaming machines – the CX24 and the CX27. Based on an innovative concept, the CX series represents the perfect combination of masterful design, modular construction and future-proof technology. The ultra-modern CX machines stand out immediately with strong edge-lit LED lighting around each monitor – which adapts and changes for each individual game. Customers can choose from push buttons or the latest and stylish touchscreen panel. A powerful sound system and the outstanding gaming performance at the CX24 and CX27 cabinets will surely draw in and fascinate players world-wide.


Tradition and innovation – these two terms may seem opposites yet that is the secret to success. The Roulette Grand Jeu from AMATIC may look conservative, indeed traditional – yet this is exactly what many players want and feel at home with. It is packed with the latest technology and wide-screen monitors. New for ICE: The AMATIC team proudly introduced the version with a stylish overhead display design.


The online gaming division Amanet is the fastest growing company segment and was naturally central on the spacious and welcoming AMATIC stand. Amanet is going from strength to strength with the combination of evergreen land-based games made available online together with new titles specifically created for the online market. Currently, the Amanet portfolio includes more than 100 games and is licensed and certified for many jurisdictions.


This Firework of Innovation has made the ICE 2019 a truly memorable show for AMATIC Industries.