All American Sports Betting Summit Speaker Interview with Brian Christopher

All American Sports Betting Summit Speaker Interview with Brian Christopher


Brian Christopher, Social Media Influencer for Casinos and Slot Machines, BC Slots


Brian Christopher may very well be the only person in the world who makes a living playing slot machines. He travels the globe teaching his YouTube followers how to play slot machines as well as the realities of gambling. He garners over 4-million views per month and has over 150,000 subscribers, who lean Male Millennial, on his self-named YouTube Channel, Brian Christopher. His job as a social influencer is to connect with his audience on a personal level. Since starting his channel a few years ago, he does anything but hide the realities of gambling.



Brian, you could have covered any topic area on your YouTube channel, what made you choose gaming as the focus of your channel?



To be honest, it chose me! I literally put up some fun videos of my playing slots for my friends and they went viral. With the leading YouTube Channels in the world being run by people simply playing video games, I figured slot machine wouldn’t be that much of a stretch!



Do you think it’s important for gambling operators to showcase the realities of gambling in order to promote a responsible gambling environment?



Absolutely. I definitely do not want to lead on my viewers that they can always win or that they can make of living of it (I mean come on, slot machines involve close to zero skill). It is a form of entertainment and as such should be played with a strict entertainment budget. Whether I win or lose in my videos, the fans love it just the same. It’s all about the excitement and anticipation of that unexpected jackpot!  



what makes a great YouTube channel?



Keeping it real. I have nothing to hide and tell it as it is. I bring my viewers along for the ride as if they are right there with me. One of the top comments I receive is “I felt like I was right there beside you!” That’s my goal. I explain how the games work, I listen to my audience, and most of all I keep it positive. If I win, I have a smile, and if I lose, I have a smile. I teach my audience to treat it the same as going to a concert. You pay your entrance fee and in return you get entertainment for a few hours. Then you go home. And hey, if you happen to go home with a jackpot as well, then bonus!



In your opinion, how do most businesses under utilize YouTube as a media platform?



I imagine they just don’t get it. They don’t understand the power of a social influencer. The casinos, slot manufacturers and other companies who caught on are reaping the benefits. I have over 85 Million Views on my channel and guess what games my fans play when they go to the casino? And guess what casinos or hotels they stay at? They do what I do because they trust me. We are like friends and they trust me more than their real friends or even from celebrities. Every time I go to the casino I get “We came here just to see you” or “We stayed here because this is where you always play”. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on a tv ad, radio ad or billboard and reach maybe 10% of your audience. Or you can spend less money to have me promote your casino or products directly to 100% of your audience in a ‘non-salesy’ way. Monkey-See, Monkey-Do.



What do you most look forward to by being part of the All American Sports Betting Summit 2019?



I look forward to growing my contacts and building new relationships to see how my channel can expand and help them grow their business. Many slot enthusiasts would love to know how to bet on sports but are overwhelmed by the idea. Using a social influencer like myself to take them step-by-step through the process would be a great learning experience for them and encourage them to take that first step.


Brian is excited to meet you at the All American Sports Betting Summit 2019. See more information on the All American Sports Betting Summit and how you can register below.




All American Sports Betting Summit 2019 18-19 June 2019


Monmouth Park Race Track, New Jersey, USA


Sports betting enabling legislation has exploded across the US political landscape since May 2018 and the landmark Supreme Court decision in Christie v NCAA, which effectively repealed the sports betting ban imposed by PASPA (the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, 1992).


As the US prepares for legal, regulated sports betting, individual states are introducing and enacting legislation that would enable sports betting. 


Now is the right time to learn all there is to know about the sports betting market factors in the United States such as individual state regulations; legislative changes, licensing requirements, marketing strategies, and technological advancements that the land of opportunity has to offer.


The All American Sports Betting Summit has a clear objective: to help gaming sector professionals understand these state regulations, create a responsible gaming environment, and open up the market to the game-changing technological innovations, marketing strategies and networking opportunities that our shows are known for.


Taking place at the home of the very first legal sports bet in New Jersey (Monmouth Park Race Track), The All American Sports Betting Summit will be attended by local and international sports betting operators, software providers, fraud and AML experts, lawyers, State regulators, legislators, government officials and iGaming innovators from around the world.


Why you should attend:


-Gain clarity on the latest legislations from legislators and regulators

-Participate in discussions about the future of sports betting in the USA

-Connect with gaming sector stakeholders from around the world

-Get ahead with the best strategies for gaining and retaining American bettors

-Explore the land of opportunity like never before         


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