CPI Brings Real-Time Connectivity to BEGE

CPI Brings Real-Time Connectivity to BEGE

MALVERN, PENNSYLVANIA – November 8, 2018 – Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. company is bringing its most recent innovation, Easitrax Connect, to the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo (BEGE) this year.  Easitrax Connect is a ground-breaking hardware/software platform that leverages SC Advance note acceptors and real-time connectivity to help operators manage their floors and their cash more profitably than ever before.  

“Easitrax Connect is built from all the knowledge we have gained from Easitrax Soft Count and Easitrax Web,” said Anette Jauch, CPI sales director for EMEA Gaming, “but it’s so much more than just a next generation product. What it really represents is a step change for the industry – and a big one at that!”

Like its predecessors, Easitrax Connect collects performance and transaction information straight from the machine.  

What makes it different, though, is that it reports on this information in real time instead of on delay.  This means operators no longer need to wait until cashboxes are collected to understand what’s happening on their floors.  Instead, they can simply access the Easitrax Connect dashboard to get a live look at how each of their games and bill validators is performing, how much money is tied up in each cashbox, and whether any of their machines may soon require service.  They can even receive instant alerts for issues that require more immediate attention – like when a cashbox fills close to capacity, or when someone attempts to use a suspicious banknote.

“With Easitrax Connect, operators will know exactly where to go and what to do to keep their floors running at one hundred percent,” confirmed Jauch.

“The benefits don’t stop there, though,” she said, “Our connectivity hub, the small piece of hardware that attaches to SC Advance and enables live communication to the Easitrax Connect dashboard, is equipped with ports that will help our customers expand as new payment technologies are approved in Gaming.”

Easitrax Connect will be available for purchase in Q1 2019.  For existing SC Advance customers, upgrading to this invaluable platform is as easy as attaching a small piece of hardware to the bill validator and an Ethernet connection.  

Visitors to BEGE are invited to CPI booth #2.5 to experience Easitrax Connect in action and learn more about the wider portfolio of CPI products, including the new Ticket Purchasing Kiosk.

About CPI 

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) provides a full range of unattended payment solutions for Gaming, Retail, Transportation, Vending and Financial Services applications. CPI is built upon the technological heritage and market expertise of the NRI, CashCode, Telequip, Money Controls and, most recently, MEI and Conlux brands. 

CPI works in partnership with valued customers to enhance its portfolio of high-quality payment solutions – from coin and bill processing to cashless systems and asset management software.

CPI is headquartered in Malvern, PA with additional offices, manufacturing facilities, distribution and service centers worldwide. The company holds one of the world’s largest installed bases of unattended payment systems.  For more information, visit www.CranePI.com.

Crane Co. is a diversified manufacturer of engineered industrial products.  Crane Co. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:CR).