SUZOHAPP and Everi Join Forces to Offer Solutions for Casino Cash Management

SUZOHAPP and Everi Join Forces to Offer Solutions for Casino Cash Management

The partners’ integrated solution will streamline cash management operations using advanced automation technology

SUZOHAPP – the global market leader of software and hardware cash management solutions partners with Everi Payments Inc. – the casino gaming industry’s single source provider of gaming products and financial technology solutions. The fully integrated solution will accelerate and advance cash management and automation within the gaming industry. 

The casino industry handles millions of dollars in cash transactions per day. Kiosks, cash cages, retail POS systems, and all casino floor cash and payment activities must be accounted for by back office operations and reconciled by corporate accounting and audits. The fast-paced, fraudulent vulnerable environment is constantly at risk of employee theft, inaccuracies in cash reporting caused by human error, and wasted time tracking and processing cash through rudimentary hardware and old-school software that do not communicate with one another.  

The SUZOHAPP - Everi partnership combines two world-class companies and solutions to give casino customers an unprecedented end-to-end cash management solution. Their partnership has also born an ambitious plan to develop a vertically integrated cash automation management solution that captures all activities within the cash life cycle and ties it to core accounting systems.  All software and hardware are vertically integrated, meaning the product is built from the ground up, from hardware to software development, by SUZOHAPP and Everi teams. 

“Operational visibility in cash management is a critical concern in the gaming industry,” says Darren Simmons, SVP – Payment Solutions for Everi. “This partnership with SUZOHAPP is an opportunity for both companies to offer Casino customers a unique solution that seamlessly integrates front of the house with back of the house cash operations, maximizes visibility throughout the entire cash management process, and ultimately helps casinos efficiently monitor, process, and forecast their cash.”

SUZOHAPP’s cash automation devices are powered by CashComplete™ Connect (CCC), providing cutting-edge functionalities such as SmartGroups™ - a work unit reporting and visibility division parameter that provides flexibility to even the most complex cash operations. On the CCC platform, Everi will be able to fully support casino operators by leveraging their casino cash domain expertise, service team footprint and extensive customer service network. 

“Cash Management is generally an area of untapped efficiency in a casino,” says Ron Partridge, SUZOHAPP President, Americas. “Beyond bringing to the partnership advanced hardware, SUZOHAPP will also provide Everi with a core platform capability, through our CashComplete™ software, that will unify what is now a multi-pronged operations model into one comprehensive, automated, payment management solution.”