EEGS Webinar Series are expanding the program and launching its First Free Online Masterclass

EEGS Webinar Series are expanding the program and launching its First Free Online Masterclass

With the onset of the new year, the Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) is expanding its program and agenda and outlining a new concept of the EEGS Webinars. A series of the same will be presented in various online formats: EEGS Webinars are offering panel discussions, Free Online Masterclasses and Affiliate sections to the guests. 

The First Free Online Masterclass is now scheduled to take place on January 29th, 2024, at 3:00 PM (CEST). A veteran in the realm of Responsible Gaming, Pieter Remmers will reveal primary insights on “The Need for Responsible Gaming Accreditation and Certification for the Gambling and Betting Industry. What Are We Talking About?”.

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Our esteemed lecturer, Pieter Remmers will offer a wealth of experience and insight to the virtual stage. He runs his own company Assissa Consultancy Europe, working on responsible gaming policies and projects in a number of countries on a truly global basis. Pieter is a consultant and trainer of gambling industry professionals, as well as Co-Chair of the gambling section of ICAA (International Council on Alcohol and other Addictions) and EASG Board member (European Association for the Study of Gambling). Known for his accurate perspectives, Pieter will share and provide detailed knowledge for all industry professionals seeking to navigate the constantly changing landscape of Responsible Gaming.

Responsible gaming is such a key topic nowadays and one that causes a myriad of discussions. During this free masterclass, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the accreditation and certification processes for the gambling and betting industry. Pieter will explore different frameworks and standards governing responsible gaming in its entirety, shedding light on the latest industry developments, trends and relevant associated practices.

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This masterclass is just the beginning of an outstanding year! EEGS is totally committed to delivering a diverse range of webinars throughout 2024, each addressing pivotal topics in the gaming industry, so please take advantage.