The 1st Innovative Conference on Augmented Reality Technology “AR Conference”

The 1st Innovative Conference on Augmented Reality Technology “AR Conference”

On 14th of November, 2014, Moscow will host a long-anticipated event. SmileExpo, international exhibiting leader, has granted a chance for metropolitans and visitors to learn about modern AR technologies, trends, future development and application areas.

AR Conference event has long been awaited on the Middle and East Europe territory, because almost in every business, there’s a room for AR. Such innovations can improve brand promotion activities and sales, reduce cost for advertising, increase engagement, loyalty and customer base. AR technologies are widely used in science, education, healthcare and lots of other industries.

AR Conference aims to show new ways to use AR in everyday life and marketing, PR, entertainment, innovational, scientific and even secret projects. These technologies allow to improve interaction with digital world and fully immerse in it, without abandoning one’s usual environment.

All AR Conference’s guests could find out about AR technologies, speak with experts and market leaders, establish business contacts, come across new solutions for business and investments, and perhaps even sign beneficial multimillion contract.

As part of the AR Conference, there will be:

  • discussions of trends and key aspects of AR technologies application in different areas of business and science;

  • presentations of best advertising, gaming and entertainment cases of such technologies, as well as wearable AR gadgets reviews;

  • demonstrations of best AR apps, Startups and many other items that you may not even know of.

Event participants:

  • top managers, marketing and PR representatives, advertising and media agencies, investment and financial companies, funds, corporations, technological parks;

  • investors and business angels;

  • state institutions representatives.

AR Conference will utilize the format of presentations with key experts of AR technologies. Classical conference will become a test bed for innovational wearable gadgets and advanced technologies.

SmileExpo keeps a culmination part of the event under close wraps, which means that visitors will see a pleasant surprise and perhaps, change their attitude towards reality and AR technologies. That’s why it is simply impossible to miss this event.