In today’s world which is at times referred to a small village, communication is one of the highest achievement of the human race, and international exhibition are the best tool to introduce products and services in each related fields.


Once again such opportunity has come about for the merchants and the industries to introduce their products and services in the AMTECH international exhibition.


AMTECH international exhibition is the only international exhibition in Iran for the fun fair toys and plays, sports equipment of all sizes, the city and park benches and equipment’s such as lighting systems, floor finishing and etc. and amusement and playground equipment and supplies.


The AMTECH international exhibition is a rare and unique opportunity for all the parties and companies involved in this industry to represent their services and products in order to expand their domain in Iran.


The vast representation of products and services from all over the world is the unique character of the AMTECH exhibition. 


Total Area: 5892 meter square or 63420 square feet
Number of companies: 63 companies
Number of visitors in AMTECH international fair: 3000 people
Expansion within Iran (local Jurisdiction): 18%
Expansion within international Jurisdiction: 124%
Participant countries: Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, Egypt
The visiting countries: Afghanistan, united Arab Emirates, turkey, china, Japan, Iraq, and South Korea.

In this fourth AMTECH exhibition there would be more verities of leisure equipment’s and supplies because we believe that this industry is made up of many elements that the connection of these individual elements is going to create on strong chain.


On the other hand even though this industry has expanded in Iran, which the majority of said industry is imported from abroad, the representation of international body can be the step to creation of new markets and cooperation.


Other characteristic of the AMTECH exhibition can be but are not limited to the following:

  • The presence of international companies
  • The presence of people from all over the world
  • The presence of International organizations
  • The presence of different Brands
  • The presence of international City halls
  • The presence of the governor of the parks and fun fairs
  • The presence of the investors in this industry
  • The presence of the local and international groups
  • The introduction of the newest technologies