BEGE 2008 - Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo

The first Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo is a 3-day event and will be held September 30 – October 2, 2008 at Inter Expo Center in Sofia. The exhibition will take place in halls number 3 and 4, and will involve 96 booths over 5200 square meters of exhibition space. Visitors will see the latest in the entertainment industry and in gaming and related equipment and systems manufacturing for casinos, gaming halls, amusement parks, and hotel, resort, and entertainment sites. Internationally recognized companies such as WMS, MEI, SUZO, Aristocrat, as well as established European companies such as Fair Play, Casino Technology, EGT, Alfastreet, Gold Club, TCS - John Huxley will take part in the event. JPL, Golden Game, Synot W, and others, will represent the entertainment industry. This first-of-its-kind event in Bulgaria aims to advertise internationally the attractiveness and the enormous future potential of the Balkan region for the gaming and entertainment industry. The expo presents a unique challenge for the Bulgarian industry representatives who for the first time will have the opportunity to be both guests and exhibitors at a Bulgarian event. Similar events have long been held around the world. Many have already been established as high-profile prestigious events showing the latest in the industry. The Bulgarian hosts wish that the Balkan Expo turns into an annual event and that participating in it becomes a must for a large part of the Bulgarian and global gaming industry representatives. For further details go to

Brief review of some of the most interesting products at BEGE 2008




The leading Bulgarian gaming manufacturer, Casino Technology, will present its latest video slot games from the GEMINI series - Kilimanjaro Treasure, Deep Water Fishing, Queen of Nubia, Ocean Madness and others. Casino Technology continues to offer its clients a large variety of high-performing, attractive, and interactive games based on an even more sophisticated mathematical model and featuring improved quality sound and graphics. As the industry leader in multiplayer games, Casino Technology will present the newest game version as a part of the Multi Gemini series – one of the most popular products on the Bulgarian market and abroad during 2007. In addition, the company will demonstrate its latest slot machine, GEMINI SENSA, which features revolutionary technological advancements in design, player comfort, and multi-functionality.




Euro Games Technology (EGT) is one of the leading manufacturers of gaming equipment. At the Expo, it will present its elegant product line VEGA VISION Series, which offers Upright and Slant Top dual screen cabinets. The center of attention will be the launch of the wide screen Slant Top from the new series Vega Vision+. This exceptionally innovative hi-tech product features a 22” main monitor and a 26” additional monitor. The Upright product version from the Vega Vision+ Series is also set for launch.


Fourteen games will accompany the VEGA VISION product line exhibit at BEGE Expo: among the latest ones are Jungle Adventure, The Big Journey, Age of Troy, Summer Bliss, Book of Magic, Casino Mania and Kashmir Gold, as well as titles from the classic EGT collection: Action Money, Crazy Bugs, Ocean Rush, Inca Gold, Emperor’s Palace and Rise of Ra. The company will also surprise visitors with its latest titles, specifically developed for the first member of the wide-screen Vega Vision+ Series.




JPL is one of the leading Bulgarian companies in the casino industry. At BEGE, the company will showcase its latest video slot games from the PREDATOR series. At the JPL stand, you will find the latest ergonomic and exquisite cabinets, innovative design and engineering equipment solutions, jackpot signs and accessories. The focus of the company’s new product line will be the launch of new multi-player systems, a casinomanagement system, Mystery and Progressive Jackpots, as well as an automated multi-player system.




One of the well established world leaders, WMS GAMING, will present several new titles from each of its series at BEGE Expo. Roman Dynasty and Egypt are two new video slots from the popular G+ series, which features high volatility free-spin based games and includes a large number of free games.


The HOT HOT series, which includes the Zeus II theme on the new BB2 cabinet, features an additional row of symbols in a 5 reel interface and offers 50 paylines for 40 credits. The Super re-spin feature gives additional opportunities to win top awards on a single spin.


Some other hot titles from the WMS video slot collection are: Invaders from Planet Moolah from the popular Cascading Reels series, which offers additional bonuses and free plays, as well as Lucky Meerkat and Whipping Wild, among others.


The company will also exhibit the mechanical reels X-Treme series, as well as the original Game Pack, the first multi-game developed by ORION GAMING, which includes five new ORION N-ABLE 9, 15, and 50-line games in one machine.




Gaming Technologies is a manufacturer of slot machines, video games, jackpot systems, electronic roulettes, and casino and gaming hall equipment, sold at the local as well as the international market.


At BEGE, the company will present its most successful products: Multigame Lucky 7 Gold, which includes the following popular games: Gold of the Empire, Siberiada, The Three Samurai, Sea Gold Treasures; and three American-type poker games - Magic Poker, American Cowboy Poker and Power Joker. Visitors will also see Multigame 5 Lucky Diamonds, which includes four video slot games: Cow Can Can, Diamond Mine, Fresh Cash, Space Journey, together with the Fruit Poker game. The two multi-games support the jackpot systems Lucky 4 Cash (with 4 jackpot levels – one progressive and three mystery jackpots) and Five Jewels (with 5 jackpot levels – three progressive ones and two mystery jackpots). The company will highlight its latest product, the electronic roulette Wild Roulette, which features five player positions with an option to change their configuration.




At BEGE Expo, the world-renowned company ARISTOCRAT will showcase its latest gaming cabinet VIRIDIAN , which comes together with the new gaming platform GEN7.


These products form the cornerstone of an innovative approach to 21st Century gaming. The ‘Green’ Viridian(tm) cabinet, with its host of operator and player benefits, is the essence of modern gaming technology: stylish, convenient and designed to perform.


The GEN7 platform supports new even more attractive and exciting games, while providing a perfect base for ongoing developments in server-based gaming. Game highlights at BEGE will be Aristocrat’s Double Happiness, Geisha and Buffalo.




After the successful launch of the grand-pianoroulette PLAYME, the company showcases several new developments, which highlight the unlimited possibilities for spacial configurations and multifunctional applications.


DUELING PIANO is a configuration of two grand pianos sharing one roulette wheel. The product is convenient for the operators as it can be suited to fit places of different size and floor-plan. The added attraction is that casino visitors may enjoy a live performance of two musicians playing simultaneously on both instruments, which highlights the entertainment nature of the product and creates a piano-bar ambience.


The product’s daring form and concept are well suited for casinos, which wish to attract a different clientele and increase the number of visitors. Company engineers go even further in developing an innovative solution, which adds to the slot-mix in the casino. PLAYME VIDEOSLOT is a multi-player platform combined with video slot games. It allows players to enjoy a live music performance while playing their favorite videoslot.




Alfastreet is one of the world’s leading providers of multiplayer platforms. At BEGE, the company will present a complete collection of its products for the local market, including some brand new ones such as the Sic - Bo multi-player system and the classic R8 electronic roulette.


A new modification of the R8 roulette, which is one of the most popular casino products on the Bulgarian market, will be presented at the Expo. The upgrade features a more userfriendly interface and a higher level of performance, which allows for more betting options and improves operator’s profitability. All Alfastreet products support the SAS protocol and are GLI certified. Alfastreet terminals can be upgraded with various peripheral systems such as automated bill or coin acceptor, ticket printer, and support for various cashless systems and client loyalty programs.




The PokerPro system is a hi-tech innovative casino product manufactured by PokerTek, which integrates the traditional poker game into an electronic version. The product is an electronic poker table featuring a fully automated betting process. The system has a number of operator benefits, including improved profitability due to a larger number of bets capacity, and a reduction of labor costs.


Major product advantages:


  • Fast game with great accuracy; 50% faster than a human dealer.
  • Mistake-proof player tracking as the table is 100% secure.
  • Reduction of labor costs, which allows for better customer service.
  • A wide range of the most popular poker games and a single-touch game selection.
  • More than 20 standard financial statements assist in financial analysis and give the operator complete information on each player’s gaming activity.


Aristocrat is the exclusive supplier of the PokerPro series in Europe and has highlighted the popularity of these products in Bulgaria. The Caesars, Buddha, Eldorado, and Palms chains each utilize the PokerPro series, which has become clients’ favorite.


Visitors will be able to see first-hand the advantages of this product when they take part in the poker promotion, organized by Bargame and Techno Poker Club, and sponsored by PokerTek.




At BEGE, the renowned manufacturer will showcase two new and exciting products, based on the patented Touch ID technology, which can identify each individual player and his betting activity.


TouchTable MultiPLAY TM Roulette


This is a product, which merges a traditional roulette table and live croupier with an electronic betting table, and can accommodate up to 21 players simultaneously. It is available in a single table format with 7 seats, a double table format with 14 seats, and a triple table format with 21 seats, all served by only one croupier.


The most significant benefits of the product are:

  • Еfficiency – All chip handling, calculation of winnings and payouts are fully automated by the system. This delivers total game security, reduces costs and substantially increases the number of games played per hour.
  • 56” LCD screen with a high-quality, real life-like resolution
  • It gives players the ability to customize the terminal’s interface as they like
  • Authentic feeling – it is designed to feel like a traditional roulette table with a live croupier


AccuPLAY Parallel Deal Blackjack


This is a product, which combines the traditional Blackjack game with the benefits of electronic betting terminals. The system is based on two elements: the Parallel Deal Blackjack technology accommodates 6 players simultaneously without impact on speed; the electronic AccuPLAY


table delivers total game security and easy game supervision.


The most significant product benefits are:

  • Total managerial control – All bet and payout transactions are controlled by the credit meter. This eliminates dealer errors.
  • Increased Turn Over - The automated bet and payout transaction process reduces the time between games.
  • Electronic betting and automated chip handling – the system is easy to use and engages players in a faster and longer game.
  • The game enhancements option allows for additions such as Progressive and Mystery Jackpots, bonus games, casino-management system, etc.
  • The operator can adapt the product to any existing table game including Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, etc. The above products are distributed in Bulgaria by Avangard Technology.




PL&CO specializes in the distribution and maintenance of gaming equipment and machines. At BEGE, the company will showcase a wide range of products: electronic darts, billiard, foosball, simulators, automated training systems, pinball, bubble hockey, basketball, box, Kiddy rides, jukeboxkaraoke, internet terminals, accessories, and spare parts for gaming machines.


The focus of the PL&CO exhibit at the Expo will be the latest foosball table KOМBAT, which can be used at Master tournaments, organized by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF).




Synot is an entertainment equipment manufacturer based in the UK, and the exclusive distributor of JPM International products in CEE. At BEGE, Synot will present one of its most popular mechanical slot machines, Turbo Gold, as well as its latest videogame series, Explosive Games, which includes 6 new Boss Media titles and come with high quality Marius machines or Slant-top cabinets.


Visitors will also see the Mystic Games series, which includes 7 classic company titles.




Japan Cash Machine (JCM) is a worldwide leading manufacturer of cash handling machines. At BEGE, the company will present a wide range of its latest products and solutions for manufacturers of gaming equipment:


  • Small bill acceptor machines from the SEB series /size up to 3.3 cm/
  • BNF-20 – bill acceptors with a bundle feeder for up to 20 bills and a cash box for up to 2000 bills
  • TAIKO - a compact bill acceptor able to accept and scan bills up to 82mm wide. It features an innovative drum technology and the latest sensor technology.
  • UBA – this model has replaced the well-known WBA series and has one of the highest bill acceptance rates relative to other bill acceptors. The new centering mechanism, as well as the optical and magnetic sensors, ensure note acceptance regardless of the direction of note insertion.
  • The EBA-3x series has a 95% or higher rate of acceptance due to its auto-centering mechanism and automatic restart function. It features an optional lockable type cash box with a stacker capacity of 400 bills.




CashCode, in alliance with NRI, will present a wide range of products for the manufacturers and operators of gaming equipment. Products from the popular Frontload Bill Validator series are widely accepted by manufacturers and are compatible with various platforms. They feature technological flexibility, highlevel security, and easy-maintenace TITO systems. The system meets all industry standards and is widely used in the manufacturing of various gaming machines – from old refurbished and used ones to the latest generation machines. Other popular CashCode products are the BackLoad and Stackerless bill acceptors.




MEI is a global manufacturer of electronic payment systems. The company team believes that the type of payment system greatly affects the player’s experience, and therefore directly impacts the operator’s bottom-line. The company offers a wide range of products from which operators can choose the best possible solution suited to their particular needs. At BEGE, MEI will present products from its 2 main series:




This is the company’s classic series, which has sold more than 3 million units during the last three decades. It features superior security, speed, and quality. The following features enable high product reliability:


  • Unique acceptance system with a high acceptance rate and a barcode validator.
  • Lowest jam rate and 4-ways banknote insertion.
  • High durability and exploitation rate.
  • Quick and easy maintenance.




These are highly efficient bill acceptors, most suitable for smaller capacity casinos and amusement parks. The product directly impacts profitability through the following features:


  • Programmed to accept all currency bills.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Supports ccfalk communication protocol serving the entertainment industry equipment.




Currently, Synot is establishing itself as a manufacturer of serverbased systems with its IVT product – interactive video-terminals, developed collaboratively with Boss Media, a Swedish manufacturer of gaming software. At BEGE, the IVT terminals will be presented in 2 versions - IVT 1, featuring 10 different titles, and IVT 2 – featuring 6 new titles. The IVT systems allow the operator to completely control each terminal and upgrade games from a distance, as well as to have realtime control over all reports and operations