Enada Spring: A Combination of responsible gaming and horizons for development

Enada Spring: A Combination of responsible gaming and horizons for development

The 25th edition of Southern Europe’s most important international expo ended today dedicated to the amusement world: “More certainties for companies and an all-out fight against illegality”

With an increasingly international showcase, a message is sent out from ENADA, dedicated to responsible gaming, without superficial criminalization, flanked by the shared commitment to take action in terms of prevention of excess and illegality.

The entire trade took the opportunity of the 25th edition of the most important amusement expo of southern Europe, which ended today at Rimini expo centre, to emphasize a message aimed at considering gaming in its real context of amusement, highlighting the constant observance of the regulations and complete willingness to cooperate in preventing and fighting all forms of compulsive gaming.

Alongside the hottest general topics, there is Rimini Fiera’s process to ensure that ENADA Spring is increasingly in sync with market. In fact, after having scheduled the expo days mid-week to further improve visitor quality, the March 2014 edition of the expo well be held over three days, as has been the case for several years with ENADA Rome and the large international expos in London and Las Vegas.

Pro-active players on this scenario were the companies taking part in ENADA Spring, which ended after being attended by 26,495 trade visitors (3.7% less than 2012), of whom 3,450 were foreign (3,267 in 2012). Figures that satisfy both SAPAR ((the Italian Association of coin-op entertainment machines, with 1,500 member companies, that promotes the expo with the support of EUROMAT and the collaboration of ASCOB, FIDART, ANESV and S.I.CON.) and Rimini Fiera (which organizes the spring edition of the expo in Rimini and the autumn one in Rome).

SAPAR Chairman Raffaele Curcio comments, “ENADA is our world’s trade fair and the fact that, in spite of the momentary difficulty of the market, it held firm, as well as expectation for upcoming innovations that will open up new prospects for companies are the best auspices for the October edition in Rome. Moreover, during the expo days, a great demand emerged for sharing the problems to be faced to find useful solutions for companies, safeguard tax revenue for the government and protect gaming’s end users.”

Rimini Fiera Chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni comments, “The ENADA project stands up to the winds of crisis and in fact., overall, in the two annual editions that are held, manages to have figures that improve. The market remains confident regarding the future and aware that ENADA is the only real business place for the gaming sector’s trade members.”

Rimini Fiera business unit manager Simone Castelli explains, “In agreement with companies, we have decided to continue our strategy of staging the expo on mid-week days, in order to ensure exhibitors an even high visitor profile. The crossover, in 2014, from four to three expo days is to be considered with this in mind. This will have an effect on overall figures, but ensure the days have a format fully addressing business development.”

Participants at the ENADA Spring 2013 ribbon-cutting ceremony included Raffaele Curcio (SAPAR chairman), Rt Hon. Alberto Giorgetti (member of the last legislature’s 5th Commission - Budget, Treasury and Programming of the Chamber of Deputies) and Rimini Fiera chairman, Lorenzo Cagnoni.

In six halls, exhibiting companies proposed numerous new products, innovative forms of marketing and distribution and new gaming trends were also highlighted. Alongside the more solid traditional forms linked with amusement machines, there were the new frontiers in online gaming.

There was a substantial participation of international exhibitors at ENADA. From Europe to the USA, via Asia, dozens of media and thousands of international trade members came to Rimini Fiera in this period for the expo dedicated to amusement. Presenting them the best of their product ranges, there were also 94 foreign companies, exhibiting either directly or through their representative.


A key moment during the ENADA expo days was the conference promoted by SAPAR, useful for keeping the analysis of the “gaming phenomenon” on the right track. SAPAR asked for fewer attacks on legal companies and for attention to be focussed on underground illegality. It was said that action is taken to fight compulsive gaming but a real gaming phobia is created. The sector was given its dues during a speech by the AAMS, which for 2012, following a great increase in administrative checks, reported a great reduction in irregularities found.

On this occasion, SAPAR stressed its commitment with the national campaign “In order that gaming remains a game” to safeguard minors and fight compulsive gaming, staged in cooperation with machine and venue owners.

Invited by Lottomatica, swimming champion Filippo Magnini took part in ENADA on the occasion of the press conference on ”Poker as a sport. A discipline that changes card tables into sports fields”.

Along with Magnini, participants in the conference also included the two-time world poker champion Max Pescatori, known in the USA as the "The Italian Pirate", the first Italian to win the World Series of Poker and who has now become a member of the Lottomatica Pro PokerClub Team.

Responsible supportive messages also arrived from ENADA Spring, such as the one promoted by the initiative of Cogetech, who invited Francesco Bonanno, world Paralympic table soccer champion. Bonanno took part in numerous matches on the tables set up at the expo, which were donated to the Italian Paralympic Table Soccer Federation at the end of the exhibition.

The international Spring Pinball Tournament, valid for the WPPR (World Pinball Player Rankings) and organized by IFPA Italia and Tecnoplay, hosted the preview presentation of  the brand-new pinball game “The Avengers” – with the participation of the owner of the American manufacturing company, Gary Stern. The tournament was won by Verona’s Mario Anzini. The winner, along with Rome’s Daniele Acciari, will represent Italy at the world championship in Frankfurt at the end of May.

Lastly, various events were dedicated to online gaming, with in-depth coverage of the involvement of social networks and techniques for ensuring player loyalty.



ENADA continues its program for high-profile visitors:
trade members’ qualification and foreign participation increase.
From 2014 the expo will change to a three-day format, like the Rome edition
and in sync with the large international expos in London and Las Vegas.

From Tuesday until today, 26,495 visitors, of whom 3,450 were foreign.

View the ENADA 2013 video at this link  http://is.gd/qHJGun

The next expo appointment for the game and gaming world is from October 16th to 18th 2013 with ENADA Rome.


For more information, visit: http://www.enadaprimavera.it/