AT ENADA SPRING THE CURRENT SITUATION ON TRADE ISSUES The Rimini Fiera and SAPAR expo the centre of the debate on the amusement and gaming world.

AT ENADA SPRING THE CURRENT SITUATION ON TRADE ISSUES     The Rimini Fiera and SAPAR expo the centre of the debate on the amusement and gaming world.

Rimini, 7 March 2013 ENADA SPRING (Rimini Fiera, 12th - 15th March 2013) increasingly confirms its role as an indispensable event for the amusement and gaming machine world. It is no coincidence that the expo is not only a product showcase, but also hosts events not to be missed, important crowded conferences, as well as training events on to most topical issues.

SAPAR will be very busy, and on Tuesday 12th March, after the opening ceremony, will hold the customary press conference, at which key problems will be covered. In the early afternoon, this will be followed by a conference on the fight against illegality and prevention of compulsive gaming. On Wednesday 13th, at 11 am, space will be dedicated to a technical meeting for trade members.

The expo will also host discussions on “Live and mobile casinos: what has the future in store for online gaming”, “What happened to live poker?” and “Figures, surveys, regulation aspects and news on the legalization of poker rooms”.

An event not to be missed is the workshop organized by BizUp Media on “Attracting players in the age of Google and Facebook: SEO, Social Media and Mobile Apps” (Thursday 14th March at 2.30 pm in the Noce Room). The conference will give an insight on the current situation regarding new forms of Web-based marketing. Social Media Platforms and smartphone apps are in fact new acquisition channels for both gaming site hosts and owners of physical gaming facilities. The meeting will show how to approach the possibilities offered by the Web in the most effective manner: starting from the fundamental principles to be followed to put a Web site on the major search engines, the discussion will continue, by showing how to develop and manage in an excellent manner a brand’s presence on the most widespread Social Media platforms. Lastly, there will be an analysis of the potential and critical aspects involved in the development of apps for the mobile market. Speakers: Matteo Monari, co-founder – BizUp; Enzo Santagata, co-founder -; Pasquale Borriello, account director & digital strategist - Art Attack Adv.



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