ENADA SPRING - SECURE GAMING AND ASSURED BUSINESS From 12th to 15th March 2013 at Rimini Fiera the sector’s key expo

ENADA SPRING - SECURE GAMING AND ASSURED BUSINESS     From 12th to 15th March 2013 at Rimini Fiera the sector’s key expo

Rimini,6  March 2013 – The gaming and amusement world once again has an appointment at Rimini Fiera for the trade’s reference expo, ENADA SPRING. In fact, from 12th to 15th March 2013 there will be the 25th edition of the most important expo for southern European trade members. The decision taken last year to move the expo to the four weekdays, in the centre of the week, with the intent of facilitating trade visitors’ attendance and encouraging business relations to the utmost, achieved its aim. This year it was therefore decided to repeat the format. 400 companies will take part in ENADA SPRING, occupying 40,000 m2 of the Rimini Expo Centre and showcasing technologies, products and services for the gaming trade. 


The expo, organized by Rimini Fiera and SAPAR, will once again strongly stress its commitment to responsible legal gaming, which is also controlled and secure. Last year SAPAR (Italy's national association of public recreation attraction equipment) launched the prevention campaign “In order that gaming remains a game” to safeguard minors and fight compulsive gaming. The campaign, by means of close collaboration between the owners/managers of the machines and venues, has the objective of widespread diffusion throughout the country, particularly in the public and commercial venues in which these machines are installed, of the culture of responsible gaming, in order to prevent any form of individual or social problems that could arise from the machines’ incorrect use.

Particular attention is dedicated to minors, definitely the most exposed among the so-called “risk categories”. Although law prohibits the use of gaming machines by under-18s, coherent aware participation in this prevention work is requested on behalf of trade members, in order that the campaign in question does not remain a simple “image operation”, but has concrete contents and objectives.


Date: 12-15 March; Edition: 26th; Category: International exhibition; Frequency: annual; Admission: South and West entrances - trade members only, payment at entrance. Full-price ticket: € 20. Reduced rate ticket: € 5 online for trade members; Hours: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm, last day 10.00 am - 4.00 pm; Business Unit Manager: Simone Castelli; Project Manager: Gabriella Zoni; exhibitor info: m.zeolla@riminifiera.it; s.bodellini@riminifiera.itWeb site: www.enadaprimavera.it.


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