The amusement and gaming sector’s major companies are coming to Rimini Fiera, from March 12th to 15th  to present innovative products and services.


A twenty-five year run is no trifling matter for a trade expo. ENADA SPRING will achieve this goal in great form, at Rimini Fiera from March 12th to 15th, reconfirming its roles as the leading expo in the whole of southern Europe’s amusement and gaming machine sector.

A sector which, in spite of the general economic crisis and the trade’s contingent problems, will be back in Rimini, pro-active and raring to go for an upswing. For a new … spring, as the expo’s name says. Confirmation comes from the numerous new products ready for their debut. For space reasons, here we can only present some in a short-form preview based on what companies have provided us so far. The event must be visited for all the others, all the details and for… hands-on tests!

Tecnoplay - The attraction that will have the biggest impact with clients is sure to be the 5D Simulator. Manufactured in collaboration with China’s Sealy, the 5D Simulator is a “pocket” game, in the sense that, with its compact dimensions (3 metres x 6 metres), an outer structure that can be dismantled and a price that is really within everybody’s reach, it is suitable for amusement arcades and not just theme parks. The products, sold in “turnkey” format, has CE certification. Obviously there will also be the classic Sega, Stern, Sam billiards, Adrenaline and Harry Levy units. This year, two promising new products will also be presented by Coastal Amusements, with the very famous “Temple Run”, brought to amusement arcades directly from the smartphone world, and the fabulous Simpsons Soccer, where a marvellous miniature “Bart Simpson” (50 centimetres tall) is the goalkeeper in front of a soccer goal. Plus, the Tecnoplay stand will host the Italian debut of the new pinball machine manufacturer Jersey Jack Pinball, with its first splendid model: The Wizard of Oz.

Alberici – In Rimini there will be a preview presentation of the entire new range of Front Slot panel made in sturdy matte metal alloy, or plastic polymer. The highly modern design gives a hyper-technological touch to the surface on which the front panel is mounted. All the SZ and KZ versions in matte metal alloy feature multicolour halo-effect luminescence. The vast range of Alberici cross-change machines is also expanded with a new model, the Cambia-Cambia Hammer 1 CC7, which will be presented at the Rimini show: this new Cambia-Cambia integrates the new Vega-RC2 banknote scanner/distributor. The Cambia-Cambia 17 is also available in a version including ACS key reader, which facilitates configuration, statistic control and refill work. The ENADA expo will also be the opportunity to see, for the very first time, the exclusive new products in the range of Cashone token distributors: the Zio Vito and Alex models.

Harding - Della Andamiro the well-known distributor proposes a new model called I-Cube (AWP – 7a), improving it from the point of view of availability and payout of prizes. En shoot on the other hand, dedicates space to lovers of basketball, a game that Andamiro has distinguished from traditional ones currently on the market, thanks to a colour sensor that is able to recognize the wild ball and another that recognizes uncontested open shots. Hoki baby is an air hockey table, also by the Korean manufacturer, which, thanks to its compact dimensions, is suitable above all for small players. Two players fight it out and whoever chalks up most goals in the set time is the winner. Las Vegas is a 6-player dozer redemption game, the latest arrival in the range of products proposed by Belgian manufacturer V.D. Wege International. An exciting game, featuring the most modern technology. All the player positions have money changers. Payout is spectacular since, as well as the win in tickets, it is also accompanied by a cascade of tokens.

World Trade SpA -  A company that is now a leader in the distribution of displays in Italy and in Europe. Collaborates with thousands of clients in over 23 nations worldwide. The interactivity of the touchscreen world, 3D projections, digital signage and suggestive exciting colours of the gaming world are as always the basis of the company’s mission. So an international partner, complete as far as solutions and proposals are concerned, able to ship immediately, always and anyway, even in the case of “on demand” projects. Brands distributed are: General Touch / AOC / Leading Touch / Asus / Worldtrade.


Elmac – In the ticket redemption field, there’s WinBet, an exclusive based on the principle of the (absolutely anonymous) detection of the people in the venue. Points are allocated to each of them by means of a loyalty card and intervals of time set, beyond which, passing the card under a special scanner, the client has a right to other points for obtaining prizes in kind. Dizzy Chicken on the other hand is a fantastic multi-coloured ticket redemption game by Bay Tek, which consists in launching a ball into a sloping spiral and making it stop in a section of coloured LEDs. If it stops on the red LED, the players wins the jackpot.  Prize Hub presents an automatic modular prize distributor which does not require an operator and is equipped with a touch screen and a QR code scanner. Monster Drop 1ply from Benchmark is the single-player version of the well-known two-player model of the same name, a milestone in ticket redemption games. Super Hoops is a new “basket” game with four different levels of difficulty. Compared to previous models, the basket lights up when each point is scored and, to keep it lit, it is necessary to score consecutive points rapidly. If a player scores five goals, each is worth ten points. Lastly, there is Explosive, also from Benchmark. A two-player game where, if the light stops in the lowest point, a piston compressor will inflate a balloon until it touches the circular saw that will… burst it, winning a bonus for the most skilful player!

G.Matica – At ENADA SPRING, G.Matica will present an unrepeatable new initiative, thought up for trade members who want to join its network, as well as for those who are already part of it. In fact, up until 30th September 2013, each additional AWP brought to G.Matica will have a free permit and will give the right to a €100 BONUS to spend on new permits or network fees. In this way, those joining the G.Matica team not only do not pay the admission permit, but can replace the initial AWPs with others, in conformity with the new  74% payout or the new regulations, without expenses for the new permit.

Faro Games – Let's begin with the new ticket redemption machines. From Unis, there’s Fruit Mania Extreme and Astro Invasion, a bright colourful redemption game for kiddies that completes the famous series made up of Ducky Splash, Cheeky Monkey and Dino Pop. Another great new product for kiddies will be Little Speedy, from Lai Games. Following up on the success of Monster Drop and its impressive version Monster Drop Extreme, from Benchmark there’s the single version, Monster Drop Single, for smaller venues that don’t want to miss out on such a highly successful machine. There is also a pair of  new products from Namco, Triple Turn and Pac-Man Ghost Bowling. The former features three playfields, connecting tubes and a ball which, rolling down, allows players to win a large number of tickets if they manage to make it arrive in the hole with the highest points, whereas the latter is an update of the classic alley bowler with Pac-Man graphics. Also worthy of mention from this manufacturer, there’s Pac-Man Smash, a large air hockey table with dozens of mini-pucks. Baytek is unveiling the new DizzyChicken. From this US company there will also be Prize Hub, an innovative versatile prize distributor created to support prize distribution without the need for an operator. Withdrawing the coupon from the ticket machine, players will be able to go directly to the distributor and claim the prizes they choose, receiving a receipt for the difference if they have more points than are required. The comma 7 sector is also particularly rich. Starting with the video games, there’s the newly approved Snocross from RawThrills, sponsored by the well-known broadcaster ESPN, which features X Games, giving players the possibility of racing on various tracks with a snowmobile, jumping and doing acrobatics. For its definitive emission on the market, there’s Dark Escape, the 4D from Namco with monsters to kill, unexpected events, vibrating seat, heart rate monitor on the game controllers, 3D glasses, surround sound system and “blasts” of air on players. The offer is completed by the Membership & Loyalty project from Embed, a loyalty system for gaming halls tested in hundreds of centres in the United Kingdom and finally ready to be launched in Italy.


Date: 12-15 March; Edition: 25th; Category: International exhibition; Frequency: annual; Admission: South and West entrances - trade members only, payment at entrance. Full-price ticket: € 20. Reduced rate ticket: € 5 online for trade members; Hours: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm, last day 10.00 am - 4.00 pm; Business Unit Manager: Simone Castelli; Project Manager: Gabriella Zoni; exhibitor info:; s.bodellini@riminifiera.itWeb site:


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