SiGMA launches global calendar of events for 2023

SiGMA launches global calendar of events for 2023

With a global event portfolio reaching across five continents, the SiGMA Group will launch a series of summits for the gaming and emerging tech industries –

debuting its conferences in more established industry hubs as well as newer emerging markets.

SiGMA Africa, Kenya, January 2023

We’re starting things off early with a January expo in Kenya. Its incredible economic potential, growing and youthful population, ability to leapfrog technologically and recent economic reforms make this a really exciting place to hold our first edition of SiGMA Africa. We hope to help galvanise this exciting era of prosperity by providing a unique platform for bright ideas and minds to come together.

The SiGMA Foundation


As part of our promise to make good on our commitment to bring more than just good business to the locations we operate in, we’re making sure our first stop for 2023 takes the time to spotlight projects at the heart of our charitable Foundation’s global mission.

Up to 20 delegates will join us for a once-in-a-lifetime 2-day Kenya safari, where they’ll explore a slice of Kenya’s rich natural beauty before heading to Ethiopia for the inauguration of SiGMA Foundation’s latest charitable project in Bonga; a kindergarten, primary and secondary school complex that is being built to accommodate up to 700 students. 

SiGMA Eurasia, Dubai, March 2023

We’re also planning to return to Dubai in the spring, where we will continue to build on the foundations of previously successful events held in the emirate across 2021 and 2022. With the UAE prioritising cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurship through both opportunities for funding and attractive taxation schemes, Dubai holds plenty of promise for those with their eyes on tomorrow.


SiGMA Americas, São Paulo, May 2023

With new regulation on the horizon, Brazil is set to stake its claim as a hub for LatAm’s gaming industry. Brazil is also rapidly emerging as a leader in tech-focussed businesses. Investment in areas such as AI and Blockchain has allowed the region to leverage long-awaited opportunities to leapfrog toward greater levels of innovation, productivity, and socio-economic progress. We plan to launch in Sao Paulo next May. 

SiGMA Asia, Manila, July 2023

Despite difficult times during the Covid pandemic, Manila remains a prime gaming hub for the Asian market, in no small part due to strong support from PAGCOR and the Philippine government and a plan to drive digital transformation as they seek to become active participants in the global digital economy. Which is why we’re now doubling down our efforts and bringing our vast network in the West closer to Asian suppliers, operators and affiliates. 

SiGMA Balkans/CIS, Limassol, September 2023

The Balkans are incubating a nascent but powerfully growing technical expertise when it comes to frontier technology such as Blockchain, AI and more. This talent pool has been rapidly growing in strength and quality with even the most cutting-edge software coders and computer engineers being recruited remotely from the peninsula. This growth and sophistication has only been supercharged through a combination of several national and international initiatives with the goal of helping mature and energise this nascent ecosystem. 

SiGMA Europe, Malta, November 2023

Closing off the year and boosting what is typically a cold shoulder month for Malta, SiGMA Europe has become renowned for hosting Malta’s biggest event in gaming. Malta Week brings its leading brands in gaming, affiliation, emerging tech and medical health together for a week of premier networking, conference, and expo.  The alignment of our super-shows allows investors to leverage the significant crossover potential for multi-faceted business deals and to double down on opportunities to connect with some of the leading affiliates, policy makers, thought leaders, suppliers, and operators in the industry.


Join us: 14 – 18 November, 2022 for Malta Week

One of the first European countries to regulate the gaming sector, Malta is a hub of global business. The island is an obvious choice for SiGMA’s presence in Europe and a strong foundation for the field’s future. With a plethora of prospects for both investors and entrepreneurs looking to shape the future of this multi-billion-dollar business, Malta Week will bring together industry giants among the affiliates, operators, and suppliers of the gaming sector.