Post-Show Report of 2021 India Amusement Parks & Leisure Expo (Virtual)

Post-Show Report of 2021 India Amusement Parks & Leisure Expo (Virtual)

Preview of the Next Show

2021 Vietnam Theme Park & Toys Expo (Virtual)

Date: April 7th (00:00)-13th (24:00)


This March 22nd-26th, a total of 112 quality Chinese exhibitors has gathered on the virtual show floor of the 2021 India Amusement Parks & Leisure Expo (Virtual) to display a whole variety of 858 top-of-the-line products.   



Supported by the experience from organizing the ASEAN and Russia virtual expos earlier, the organizer has upgraded its exhibition platform and its services from all aspects to help exhibitors and buyers achieve smoother communication, winning the universal praise from attendees both home and abroad.


Attracting Guangdong’s Leading Exporters

As China’s biggest producer of games and amusement equipment, Guangdong is home to many leading homegrown brands and exporters., and as an event hosted by the Guangdong government, the India expo has seen over 60% of its exhibitors coming from Guangdong province!


Sector Partial Exhibitors
Arcade Games

Unique Animation, Appletree Animation, Keku Animation, Yixin Entertainment, Meizhixing Amusement, Jiuyou Animation, Flying Animation, DIPALMA, Playmore Animation, Gu Wei Anime, Lu Xing Animation, Skyfun, Wakee Amusement, Xingyi Animation, Redsun Amusement, and etc.
Water Park &

Lanchao Water Park, Haozhiquan Water Park, Xingjiangyuan Recreation, Wenwen Sports Equipment, Jieshun Fun Equipment, Bouncia Inflatables, Funworld Inflatables, Huale Inflatable, Jingle Water Park, and etc.  
Pools & Spas & Saunas Mona Lisa Sanitary Ware, Welgo, Firsle, LASWIM, Fenle Sauna & Pool,  Lailey and Coates, Huantong Industry, Kasdaly Pool Spa, and etc


XR Games

Longcheng Electronic, Baishun Animation, Zhuoyuan Virtual Reality, Jamma Amusement, Topology Entertainment, Senke Electronics, Yihuanyuan Electronic, Fuhua Intelligent, Movie Power, EPARK Electronic, and etc. 
Amusement Rides LoveGo Amusement, Haojile Amusement, Golden Eagle Amusement, Doremi Amusement, Lehong Children Kingdom, Jinbo Amusement, Prodigy Amusement, YiBoRui Rail Transportation and etc.


Outdoor Playgrounds

IDO Amusement,Tongyao Healthy Body Equipment, Domerry Amusement, Funlandia, Mich Playground Equipment, Shuren Amusement, Marvous, Huajin Recreation, and etc.









After 12 years of high-speed development, Movie Power, an expert in VR/AR games and multidimensional theaters, has successfully expanded its footprints to over 30 countries and regions, providing services and products for over 1400 sites. 




Established in 1999, Dalang is one of the earliest water park equipment manufacturers in China. So far, it has completed over 2000 projects in over 60 countries and regions, and is a long-standing partner of OCT Group, Happy Valley, Evergrande, Country Garden, and etc.




Since its establishment in 1992, Tongyao has applied itself to providing Indoor and outdoor children’s playground equipment of superb quality for the global markets like Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and etc. 




logo201908271554423459258 Founded in 1995, Monalisa is currently one of China’s most recognized brands of pools, spas and sauna equipment. With their products and brands present in over 110 countries and regions, Monalisa has been awarded the title of “Guangdong Famous Exporter” by the local authority.



Over the last 20 years, Golden Eagle has successfully expanded their product portfolio to include over 100 varieties of amusement rides, which have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Americas, Africa, and Middle East.




Asian Buyers Made up 78% Visitor Attendance


Even though this show is mainly to promote trade between India and China, it has still attracted the active participation from many Asian countries, showing the robustness and strong potential of the ever-growing Asian markets!


Partial Preregistered Visitors

(78%) Asia

(22%) Other Regions


Company Name


Company Name




VR Safety Ltd

Entertainment City

VR Thrill LLC 





Syed Bellary


Immersive Studio

Royal Entertainments

Satori Optics LLC

Fun Unlimited



Arved Ajwa Theme Park


Pragmatic Play

Atmizium Technologies


Antwerp Amusement Center




ASSET Apulia Region


Vader Entertainment 

LS Solutions Srl



Gruppo Extraball


DH APAC Your Adventure

Arcadia Experiences


Anjo World Theme Park




Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Crone Film A/s

Saudi Arabia

Vox Cinemas

Black Light Studio

Armada Retail Concept

Patrice Prévost

Sri Lanka

Grand Park Kodhipparu


Play Mart International

Amaya Resorts & Spas




Dream Engineering and Trade



















Many visitors successfully made contact with suppliers they were looking for!





Insiders of Over Dozen Countries Have Sent Their Congratulations 

Before the opening day of the India virtual expo, the organizer received several more congratulation videos from overseas supporters! If counting in the ASEAN and Russia shows earlier, we have receive congratulatory messages from associations, media and buyers from Russia, Spain, Italy, the UK, the US, Mexico, Pakistan, India, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and so forth.


Partial Buyers Who Sent Their Congratulation to the India Virtual Expo



Seven More Virtual Show Are Coming up!

Following the success of the India virtual expo, are seven more virtual event, and currently, over 60 exhibitors have already re-booked for the Vietnam show, including  EPARK, Redsun Amusement, Mona Lisa Sanitary Ware, Domerry Amusement, Playmore Animation, DIPALMA, Bouncia Inflatables, Golden Eagle, and so forth.


(All shows will begin at 00:00 of the opening day and end at 24:00 of the last day)



Upcoming Games & Amusement Related Virtual Shows

Event Name


2021 Vietnam Theme Park & Toys Expo (Virtual)

April 7th-13th

2021 Dubai Games & Amusement Expo (Virtual)

May 25th-31st

2021 Brazil Virtual Exhibition on Amusement, Party and Toys

June 7th-13th

2021 Euro Games & Amusement Expo (Virtual)

June 24th-30th

Upcoming Vending Related Virtual Shows

Event Name


2021 Italy Vending Expo (Virtual)

April 7th-13th

Russia Smart Retailing & Commercial Expo 2021 (Virtual)

April 22nd-28th

Philippine Vending & Commercial Expo 2021 (Virtual)

June 7th-13th


To secure your early attendance, as well as our special buyer benefits, which include an exquisite Chinese gift, three-night free hotel during AAA and a one-day trip in Guangzhou, please don’t hesitate to contact us and sign up!


2021 Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo (AAA)

Date: May 10th-11th (9:00-17:00); May 12th (9:00-13:00)

Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou