Eventus International to host a brand new Gaming & Sports Dubai Summit

Eventus International to host a brand new Gaming & Sports Dubai Summit

Eventus International is pleased to announce a brand new edition to their international calendar of events. The Gaming & Sports Dubai Summit is scheduled to take place from 15 - 16 November 2021 in Dubai, UAE.



To offer participants a sneak-peek of the developments and what to expect at the physical event in November, Eventus International will be hosting a “free to attend”, online event scheduled for 18 May 2021. The Gaming & Sports Dubai Summit (online event) will take an in-depth look into the current gaming and sports environment in Middle East North Africa (MENA), uncovering where the key opportunities exist and taking a look at the emerging possibilities and trends ahead.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Integrated resort as catalyst for destination marketing, and how it will ignite Dubai hospitality services

  • What’s hot, what’s not and the emerging trends in gaming & sports industry in the Middle East region     

  • Can Dubai become the next global online gaming and crypto capital?

  • eSports - How big the opportunity actually is? What is the growth and how big do we expect it to become?

Hear from top industry professionals, such as:

  • Albert Climent, Founder, OneBlock Technologies

  • Amy Remes, CEO, Kootac

  • Andrew Tottenham, Managing Director, Tottenham & Co

  • Christina Thakor-Rankin, Principal Consultant, 1710 Gaming LTD., UK

  • Earle G. Hall, President & CEO, AXES.ai 

  • Phil Sham, CEO, Aquanow 

  • Robert Brassai, Principal Consultant/ Founder, Sense4Gaming/ Qasiknow

  • Tim Heath, Founder, Coingaming.io

For more information about Gaming & Sports Dubai Summit, visit: https://www.eventus-international.com/gsds

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Lou-Mari Burnett, Marketing Director  

Eventus International

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