Italy Week: the first virtual expo dedicated to gambling in Italy

Italy Week: the first virtual expo dedicated to gambling in Italy

Three days of insights, exhibitions and networking, will be the basis of Italy Week, the first official step of Global Gaming Digital Expo - the online event dedicated to international gaming, starting from 6 to 8 October 2020.


The crisis dictated by the Covid19 pandemic has created quite a few perplexities in companies and delegates belonging to the sports, esport and gambling sectors.


There are many question marks, present and future, that grip the insiders who, with the stop of travel and the postponement of most of the land-based exhibitions, encounter serious difficulties in evaluating ideas to move the market or to structure high-level business.


To try to take stock of the situation and dictate new and interesting guidelines, GLOBAL GAMING DIGITAL EXPO (#GGDE) is born!


Let's talk about the first and only online event active all year round! 365 days of virtual exhibits, insights, webinars, news and much more in the company of delegates of sports, eSports, betting, casino, payment and verticals.


G.G.D.E. proposes itself as a network to help companies and delegates to improve their strategic presence in sectors with significant potential for international growth, with particular attention to emerging markets.


A large number of expert speakers, media partner websites and world-renowned event organizers joined the project.


Each topic of study and discussion is designed to provide practical solutions to the strategic, tactical and technical challenges dictated by the markets, highlighting new opportunities for your business.


We will start from 6 to 8 October 2020 with Italy Week, the first official appointment, dedicated to one of the oldest gaming markets in the world, the Italian one!




Gambling in Italy has ancient origins and its market is considered one of the most prosperous, as well as a source and model of study for the legalization of gambling in other States and jurisdictions.


Italy Week comes at a very interesting and delicate moment for the area, as a real phase of revolution is underway, due to the pandemic and the approval of new government decrees and laws.


The event will explore the effects of the pandemic on companies and delegates and the various analysis panels will serve to identify solid points from which to start again.


An unmissable appointment!

Global Gaming Digital Expo is organized by The Betting Coach in collaboration with numerous strategic and media partners. For any request or info, you can send an email to or visit the official website of the event .