Atrax 2012

Atrax 2012

Various kinds of amusement of the world is in Istanbul Atrax Exhibition 2012

The international exhibition of amusement and attraction industries, Atrax2012 is held in Istanbul Expo Center between 6-9th of december.

The exhibition in which there will be active participation from domestic and foreign, different from each other and attractive activities and products will welcome attendants .

Amusement and Attraction Industry Exhibition Atrax 2012 which is designed and prepard by Tureks International Exhibitions Company will breathe new life into amusement sector in Turkey.

Atrax 2012, will meet with active participation between the dates of 6-9th december 2012. While all the preperations are going on at full steam, every passing day the demand and interest are increasing.

A new market, big potential… Turkey…

From all corners of the world, participants are pouring along to Atrax 2012 which will be new face and alternative approach of amusement sector that is one of the important sectors in Istanbul and Turkey .

In the fair, in addition to elite companies and businessmen from Italy, Holland, Canada, The Philippines, Spanish, Egypt, India, Germany, the United states, China, Korea and Taiwan; etc..successful and quality domestic firms will also take part in.

This year, the main theme of the fair will be “Theme parks” . this fair has reference value fort he tema parks which have started or having been graded in different parts of Turkey. The international firms which provide service and product about Tema parks will provide lots of alternative services and products in this fair.

Interesting products and services are in Atrax 2012

In Atrax 2012, new products and technologies in the amusement field will amaze the attendants. From 7D cinema systems, computerized simulation games, speed train, ferris wheel, bowling, water parks, park and garden game groups, adventure playgrounds, aquarium, rest areas, fountain shows to laser shows , lots of different activities and shows will be exhibited.


Various activities ad organizations will exist in the fair which will arouse interest and draw attention with its new and energetic structure.


Atrax 2012 will contribute to Turkish enterprizers to establish connection with new business partnership and new business opportunities in global platform.

Atrax 2012 invites everybody to amuse !!!