Gaming revenue rises by 30%, companies remain confident in the future.

ENADA confirms its role as leading expo for the gaming trade 

Rimini, 16th March 2012 - The 24th edition of ENADA SPRING, southern Europe’s most important expo dedicated to the gaming and game world, ended today, after being visited by 27,525 visitors (3.3% less than 2011), of whom 3,267 were foreign. The decision to move the expo to the four weekdays, in the centre of the week, with the intent of facilitating trade visitors’ attendance to the utmost achieved its aim, with positive results for business relations at the expo.

400 companies took part in ENADA SPRING, occupying 40,000 m2 of the Rimini Expo Centre and showcasing technologies, products and services for the gaming trade.  

ENADA SPRING, organized by Rimini Fiera on behalf of SAPAR, reports further increase in the revenue from games, which reached almost 80 billion euros in 2011 (+31% up on 2010), but also a period of slowdown in the growth of the technological innovation process. In spite of this, there was tangible commitment by the companies to continue to propose new products, in a period characterized by numerous normative matters, which, once they are cleared, will be able to restore their dynamic verve.

The expo, the first “expo bet” of the year on the gaming world, must be seen from the point of view of the overall project regarding ENADA, with the second expo scheduled from 16th to 18th October in Rome. New opportunities are in arrival for trade members and the expected regulations of live poker, foreseen for June  2012, will certainly be a road to development for technologies and services.

At ENADA SPRING, the amusement coin-op world was to the fore: from new slot machines to VLT, a complete range of proposals regarding online gaming (bets, internet stations, casinos, lotteries, Texas Hold'em poker, etc.) and gaming facilities offered by online gaming licensees. Then there were videogames, as well as pinball machines, billiards, table soccer and all the equipment for amusement, including technologies, furnishings, fittings, decor  and services for amusement arcades and bingo halls.  

Inaugurated by SAPAR chairman Raffaele Curcio, Rimini provincial government’s president Stefano Vitali, Rimini’s municipal councillor for Economic Activities Jamil Sadegholvaad and Rimini Fiera chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni, the expo featured the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the foundation of SAPAR, including a gala evening at Rimini’s new Palacongressi conference centre, which ended with a highly applauded show by famous Italian comedian Enrico  Brignano.


Rimini Fiera chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni comments, “It was positive to observe companies’ efforts to react in a difficult period. The gaming trade is very lively, the expo offers it a showcase that enables it to be seen at its best and  Italy can boast companies that are of truly international importance. Anyway, ENADA SPRING confirms its role as an expo that is unbeatable, even by foreign competition, and the exhibition project, considered overall, along with ENADA ROME in October, ensures a complete response to the entire market. Rimini Fiera is also delighted by the fact that half of the fifty years’ activity celebrated by SAPAR was passed together, organizing these exhibitions.”

Rimini Fiera business unit manager Simone Castelli reminds, “Every trade expo reflects the market it refers to. As far as ENADA SPRING is concerned, an attentive observer could have found signs of a difficult period for technology and service companies, which evidently run at different speeds from that of the revenue from gaming venues; but at the expo there were also many opportunities for verifying that the trade’s extraordinary creativity is not at all passive and, on the contrary, precisely here a great many companies showcased new products and updates, with the confidence in the future that one should always have. Figures aside, the huge show confirmed itself to be the only real business marketplace for gaming trade members.”

 SAPAR chairman Raffaele Curcio says, “Talking to the exhibitors, I noted widespread satisfaction.

 We all knew that this was an 'expo for reflection’, far from politics and held in a particular period as  far as normative updating was concerned. The crisis is making itself felt, but the expo held well and attendance was good, including the excellent last day. This year we celebrated our 50th anniversary in the best possible way, in a familiar setting such as Rimini Fiera, where everything always operates perfectly. During ENADA SPRING, we also strongly stressed our commitment to legal, controlled and secure gaming. We are very involved in the prevention campaign and shall try to set up a network of relations able to make it increasingly effective and direct, in order to safeguard minors and all players.”


The conference promoted by SAPAR, the sector’s major trade association was entirely dedicated to fighting compulsive gaming. Chairman Raffaele Curcio stressed the importance of the prevention campaign “In order that gaming remains a game” and reminded of the association’s widespread commitment.

A national campaign carried out in the field, interacting with municipalities and the Sert addiction service of Local Health Boards. Curcio then drew attention to an aspect not to be underestimated, i.e. the error made when demonizing gaming, with the temptation of heading for prohibitionism, running the risk of increasing illegal circuits in which there is no protection for minors and players The conference also hosted the presentation of a project promoted by SAPAR and realized by psychotherapist Clelia Angelastri, addressing junior secondary schoolchildren, which foresees the involvement of the youngsters.

Great attention was also attracted by the eagerly awaited conference organized in collaboration with the JEA, which anticipated the profile of the possible Live Poker market. Within 2012, it is foreseen that it will be possible to play games of poker live, whereas at present the game is limited to the Web. Good business is forecast: estimated annual revenue is close to 1.5 billion euros. Approximately another thousand licenses will be issued on an auction basis, starting from 100,000 euros.

On the spectacle front, the spotlight was on  the Spring Pinball Tournament II, organized by IFPA Italia and Tecnoplay, in collaboration with Stern Pinball and Rimini Fiera.

For three days, twenty contestants fought it out at the competition, valid for the WPPR (World Pinball Player Rankings) professional circuit. In the end the winner was Daniele Acciari, number one in the Italian rankings, as well as 2010 World competitive pinball Champion and currently fifth in world rankings. Second place went to Adriano Zingarini, from Perugia, but at present a member of the out-of-hours medical service team at Riccione hospital. Rumanian Bogdan Constantin Ghiga came third.

The contestants competed on machines by America’s Stern, the last great manufacturer of these amusement machines, which have enthralled entire generations worldwide. The pinball machines used included the new Stern 'AC/DC', dedicated to the famous Australian rock band, on its very first out in Italy at ENADA.

The expo also hosted the presentation of the book by Roberto Marai “I consigli di Roberto – Tre anni di riflessioni per comprendere redemption e nuovi trend del settore”. Published by Facto Editore, it is a collection of considerations on the topic of amusement games and interviews published by Play Machine magazine, by an expert such as Marai, owner of several amusement centres and a company selling games with redemption tickets and video games.