Cross-Platform Event to Address Asia’s Booming Digital Entertainment Sector

Cross-Platform Event to Address Asia’s Booming Digital Entertainment Sector


Over the past decade, the development of the digital entertainment industry has mainly focused on gaming, animation, film, literature and music. 


Some of these areas – such as animation and literature – have been around since long before the birth of the digital media, when they were closely reliant on analogue methods and materials. Film and music have long been spread through TV, CDs and other such platforms. The biggest common denominator of these modes of communication was their limited reach and slow dissemination among audiences. Before the advent of digitization, these two points were almost fatal to the traditional entertainment industry. However, in the present era, rapidly-delivered online forms of transmission and the widespread coverage of the Internet have been quick to replace traditional communication methods. 

The development of the Internet has digitized entertainment platforms, made them more prosperous, and lent them a spectacular vitality. As the most innovative format in the emerging cultural industry value chain, the digital entertainment industry today has a broad scope for development and huge market potential.

To support the digital entertainment industry at this important moment in its development, Duxes will host the Asia Digital Entertainment Summit 2019 (ADES) from December 12-13, 2019 in Singapore. The event will gather representatives of digital entertainment platforms, gaming companies, digital music service providers, music retailers, and government authorities, to cover the latest industry and regulatory conditions in Asia, digital entertainment marketing strategies and sales channels, as well as the impact of artificial intelligence and cloud gaming on consumer behavior.

The ADES is Duxes’ first event tackling the burgeoning digital entertainment market in Asia, and follows a series of events covering the tech and digital marketing sectors in China and across Asia, which have been acclaimed for their thorough content and interactive format. Professionals working in gaming, animation, video, music and related fields, are welcome to attend. 

What you will learn (highlights)

- The Future of Digital Entertainment

- How to adapt to the changing marketing landscape

- Detailed look on how emotion and culture connect the stories of brands

- The trends of the current era, including how cloud gaming will shape the future

- The future of digital music

- How live broadcasts are linking brands to their worldwide audience

- Ways in which Blockchain brings empowerment to digital entertainment

- How to create an immersive experience through digital entertainment

- In-depth analysis of how AR/VR can show viewers a colorful world

- The key to success: creativity and influence

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