The must attend AI events of 2019

The must attend AI events of 2019

Last year 62% of companies boosted their enterprises adopting AI into their work processes. It can no longer be disputed that businesses should continuously search for ways to effectively implement and drive value through artificial intelligence.  


In 2019 the stage is set for AI to make an even greater impact on the world. As technology continues to evolve globally, it generates deeper conversations around important topics and innovative business models and affects society in new ways. Eventus International seeks to explore these developments and opportunities through presenting two state-of-the-art AI events in September this year.



Artificial Intelligence Malta Summit

16 - 17 September 2019 | St Julians, MALTA


The Artificial Intelligence Malta Summit will delve deep into the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning whilst connecting you with pioneer researchers, innovators, technicians, roboticists and future regulators to cast light on the most fundamental AI questions and to give you a headstart on your AI journey.


Attendees are guaranteed to benefit from exclusive presentations and panel discussions featuring acclaimed professionals from world leading AI and IoT enterprises.


Discover Malta’s cutting-edge AI industry while networking with some of the global AI sector’s top innovators.



AI In Gaming Summit 2019

23-24 September 2019 | Crowne Plaza Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan Road, Dubai, UAE



The Middle East, especially Dubai, is a key driver of AI with the UAE racing ahead in terms of expected annual growth of AI contribution to the economy at 33.5%. Eventus International will bring world gaming to the City of Gold by hosting the very first AI In Gaming Summit in Dubai with a core focus on all things gaming.


The summit will unite hundreds of gaming, lottery and AI professionals to explore the AI integration prospects in gaming and relevant industry solutions . Profit from this opportunity to meet industry leaders, AI experts, operators, developers, affiliates, service providers, media and associations.