IDEAL to première at IAAPA Expo Asia in China

IDEAL to première at IAAPA Expo Asia in China


IDEAL Software Systems continues to focus on bringing its unique software systemto the global amusement market. After a successful InterFun show in the UK, theIDEAL Software Systems team looks forward to exhibiting at the IAAPA Expo Asiashow that will take place in Shanghai, China, between 12 – 14 June.


The IDEALONE Cashless POS Software offers a world of possibilities that can becombined to create both ideal and individual solutions for each amusementoperation. The IDEALONE Software includes Point of Sale (POS), Online Booking,Online Ticketing, Party Scheduler, Capacity Management, Access Control, CashlessCard System and Redemption Prize Shop Software.


Mr. John Vallis, Vice President, International Business Development, at IDEAL,sends out a warm welcome to come and see IDEAL at the IAAPA Expo Asia, stating,“The IDEALONE Cashless POS Software has proven itself for years in the USA. Weare taking this proven success to bring IDEALONE to the global market. We areconfident that we can make a key difference given the sheer focus and simplicityof use of our system. Exhibiting at the IAAPA Expo Asia highlights IDEAL’scommitment to the Global Amusement and Leisure Industries. Please come by toour booth so we can give you a live demonstration”.


IDEAL can be found at Booth #3614.

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