Why the African gaming sector is BiG business in 2019 – BiG Africa Supershow 2019

Why the African gaming sector is BiG business in 2019 – BiG Africa Supershow 2019


In 2015, PwC South Africa’s senior manager; Sanchia Temkin reported in the annual gambling sector outlook that gaming industry revenues are expected to make a massive rise to R30 Billion (USD$2,17 Billion) in 2019. In later editions of the report in 2017 drafted by Pietro Caliccio and Yolan Naidoo, we see that the predicted rise grew even further to R31 Billion for 2019, which shows that the gaming industry growth is faster than initially thought.


With the 2018 Gambling Outlook still not publicly available, one can only wonder why the gambling industry is performing much better than expected? And whether it will continue this growth trend. 


In a more recent report compiled by Gauteng Gambling Board in Nov 2018 titled Latest Gambling Stats, there is one indicator that stands out above the rest. In April 2017, the number of gaming machines (LPM’s) at registered route operators went from 1394 machines to 2266 in the province. If similar growth was experienced in all 9 provinces, then this could give one possible reason why growth predictions in 2017 may have increased by an extra billion rand as new sites and machines are being introduced into the market.




However, growth in Africa is not limited to LPM’s and South Africa. Online sports betting has seen tremendous growth in Nigeria. After years of penetrating the market, mobile payment is now starting to create even more massive gains for online sports betting operators. Lagos State Lotteries Board CEO – Seun Anibaba reported to Reuters in June 2018 that growth in the sports betting sector has been matched by a rise in web payments, according to data from the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS), which is owned by the central bank and licensed banks.


In 2016, there were 14 million web payments worth a total 132 billion Naira ($420 million). Transactions soared to 29 million worth 185 billion Naira in 2017 and in the first quarter of 2018, there were already 10 million mobile transactions worth 61 billion Naira. If we are to assume that the growth plateaued after the first quarter and simply multiply the first quarter figures by 4, that would make the online sports betting sector in Nigeria worth around 244 billion Naira ($620 million) in 2018. That’s an extra $100 million annual increase since 2016, but it is highly likely that growth continued its trajectory skyward making it worth much more.




Kenya’s growth in the Sports betting sector may have stabilised for now, but with 5G broadband cable on its way down the Eastern side of the African continent, its safe to assume that online sports betting and mobile payment will become even faster and more efficient resulting in increased growth. Also, Kenya is one of the most internet connected countries in Africa and the planet with around 80% of its population having access to the internet.


Sports betting is and always will be the crowned jewel of Kenya’s gambling sector. With major giants such as SportPesa starting up and attaining industry titan status within its birthplace of Kenya. Online sports betting, of course, is the not so secret weapon in SportPesa’s arsenal.


Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all good news in Kenya for the last 2 years as legislators have increased gambling taxes on operators (GGR) whilst simultaneously increasing the age restriction on gambling from 18 to 25. To make matters worse, a large chunk of Kenya’s population falls into the 18-25 age group as Kenya – like most of Africa – has a young population. The effect of both legislative reforms has collided resulting in dramatically reduced growth in the gambling sector. 




Gambling revenue in Africa continues to grow despite slow economic growth in the region forecasted for much of Africa. Entering the African market is most certainly An intelligent decision for any operator or service provider.


However, Africa is a very complex market that requires much research, information, planning, and networking before making the leap to the new land of opportunity. This is why Eventus International has spent months researching the most relevant and beneficial topics and discussions for the BiG Africa Supershow 2019.


Taking place at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa from 25-26 March 2019, the summit will bring Africa’s leading experts in the gambling sector together to discuss the techniques needed to understand the African market and grow the success of your business. 


Eventus International has spent over 6 years hosting successful summits and growing our international network of gaming sector professionals to give you all the insight and contacts you need to survive and thrive in Africa. We are your gateway to the African market


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 About the event:

To say that Africa is an untapped market for the gaming sector would truly be an outdated statement. More and more operators join the competition every year, and Africa’s rapid increase in infrastructure development and internet access is connecting the continent like never before, which is creating even more opportunities for the rise of new stakeholders.


As the market becomes ever more competitive every day and as the latest advancements in technologies evolve and change the market, the need for all stakeholders to stay up to date on current affairs and make use of cutting edge solutions to market challenges becomes even more necessary every day.


Eventus International has spent the entire year researching solutions to these challenges and finding the latest, most cutting-edge advancements world-wide at our events such as: SPICE India, Sports Betting East Africa, Sports Analytics Africa, Cyprus Gaming Show, Artificial Intelligence Malta, Sports Betting West Africa, and the Scandinavian Gaming Show to bring them all together for a massive exchange of ideas.


Prepare for the biggest gaming industry gathering of the year as we bring back some of our show’s most knowledgeable and respected stakeholders for the BiG Africa Supershow 2018! The programme has been designed to give all African stakeholders from all aspects of the industry the skills necessary to remain competitively strong and utilize new technologies to keep your players entertained for in 2019.



  • Benefit from wide scale economic reports about the African gaming sector
  • Gain insight into gaming activities from across the continent from Africa’s most respected regulators
  • Be advised on exactly which gaming technologies work best for your region
  • Effectively understand the needs and wants of African punters
  • Take part in a masterclass and learn how to extend player life cycles
  • Ask Africa’s betting and iGaming icons for advice on any gaming related topic
  • Grow your network of gaming sector professionals 
  • And Many more!

Bookmakers, casino operators, gaming regulators, government associations, software solution providers, affiliate marketers, fintech companies and leading stakeholders in the gaming sector are all going to be there, and you should too!

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Lou-Mari Burnett

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