The leading conference designed by and for gaming operators and people involved in the gaming and casino industry in the Eastern European region -EEGS will welcome next week in Sofia more than 40 distinguished panellists and speakers, including business leaders, investors, lawyers,technology professionals, entrepreneurs.

The 11th edition of the conference is „Fresh, focused, and informative. These are the three words that most aptly describe the Eastern European Gaming Summit”, says Kostandina Zafirovska, CSO of BtoBet. „EEGS provides so many experts from different countries and different perspectives – including both speakers and attendees with better knowledge – that finally all participants leave the conference with a better understanding of the gaming industry in Eastern Europe and beyond”, says Joseph Weinert, Executive vice president at Spectrum Gaming Group.


„Trending, useful and well-organized. Trending, because it focuses on problems of the “now”, useful because it provides an opportunity to discuss all potential issues with specialists. Well-organized, because the staff is always on point“ says Miglena Dimitrova, Managing partner, MDMI Legal.



Keynote speakers of EEGS 2018 include Dr. Simon Planzer, Partner at Planzer Law, Dr. Joseph Borg, Partner at WH Partners, Ana-Maria Baciu, Partner at NNDKP, Angel Iribozov, Chairman of BTAMOGI, Tal Itzhak Ron, Chairman and CEO at Tal Ron, Drihem & Co. Law Firm, Oron Barber, CEO at CoinPoint Group, Amir Mikay, Co-founder of Trafficlightmedia, Nicc Lewis, President of Expozive Holdings, Vanya Ilieva, VP Marketing at FXTP Sofia and many more.



Anyone that is currently engaged with R&D outsourcing solutions or did it in the past will learn much deeper on how these companies work, what are the main risks to take into account, as well as how to identify them and how to make sure you eliminate all barriers that prevent you from success” Stav Zilberstein, one of the keynote speakers, promises to all EEGS participants.



By presenting the relevant facts about GDPR, sharing experience about its recent implementation and moderating the panel, I intend to attract the audience attention in the general hints about GDPR and the implementation of it so far” says Dr. Dusan Pavlovic, Compliance advisor at Better Collective.



I will show the trends which are now prevailing in the industry and how they are changing the landscape forever. I will explain how to embrace it and how to set the marketing strategies which will take over in the coming years” promises Alex Kornilov, Managing director at BETEGY.



The future of gaming industry according to most of the conference panellists is the convergence between technology and gambling service. This fusion will bring challenges and opportunities in several aspects such as regulation, responsible gambling, competition and responsible innovation. Crypto gambling is seen as the next big thing and the professionalization of eSports and increased introduction of AI in gaming software will dominate the business, say all the experts. The keynote speakers unanimously underline one big topic - the gaming industry will change dramatically in terms of player acquisition strategies. The companies now should start focusing on creating the brands, which people will love and will stay with. The old acquisition strategies are dying out and the first companies to realise this and adopt the new reality will dominate the market.



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