BiG Africa SuperShow 2018 Speaker Interview: Dhrupal Amin

BiG Africa SuperShow 2018 Speaker Interview: Dhrupal Amin

Eventus International reached out to Dhrupal Amin to gain his thoughts on the following matters leading up to the 6th Annual BiG Africa Supershow which will be held at Emperors Palace from 5-6 November in Johannesburg, South Africa.  The responses below are entirely his own.

Dhrupal Amin is the Managing Director of Online Gaming and Sports Betting at Goldrush Group. The Goldrush Gaming Group was formed in 1998 with its primary focus on bingo. The Group has since expanded into Limited Payout Machines (LPMs) and Sports Betting. The Group operates in venues in South Africa, Lesotho, Mozambique and Tanzania. Dhrupal is an experienced leader within the gaming industry and is a qualified chartered accountant. He has held a number of senior level leadership positions in some of South Africa’s most prestigious companies.

Jordan: How did you first get involved in the gaming industry?


Dhrupal: I was recruited by Tsogo Sun in 2006 to oversee the gaming risk portfolio and develop the Groups self insurance capacity. I transitioned from being a finance and risk professional into a commercial executive within the group.

Jordan: What sets Goldrush group apart from other sports betting operators?


Dhrupal: The Goldrush Group is beyond entrepreneurial. Prior to joining the group I had the privilege of consulting with the Group. It was through that engagement that I got insight into the culture with Goldrush. The ability to innovate, put customer needs ahead of organisational needs and act with speed are other facets that allow us to set ourselves apart from our competitors. What many people don’t know is the GBETS rolled out 40 sports betting stores in in under 40 months! It is this quick decisions making couple with speedy execution that has allowed us to become a credible player within the industry both in South Africa and Africa.

Jordan: You will be speaking as one of the Betting and iGaming (BiG) Icons in the African Gaming sector at the BiG Africa Summit this year, can you give us any hints as to what you will be bringing to the discussion?


Dhrupal: In our bid to service customers, satisfy shareholders and create happy environments for our staff, we may often lose sight of the bigger picture and the role we play in society. Gaming as a whole and sports betting in particular has an incredibly important role to play in society by the manner in which it contributes both to economic growth and social impact. Professionals within the industry as well as customers and suppliers must feel proud by this contribution.

Jordan: In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges for sports betting operators at the moment?


Dhrupal: The challenges we face vary for each market, however the common issues remain fraudulent financial transactions, legislation that does not keep abreast of industry developments and see-saw tax regulations that limit economic and job growth opportunities.

Jordan: How would you recommend that operators overcome these challenges?


Dhrupal: Financial fraud management requires investment in the form of technology and people. Legislative challenges are not new and have been a challenge to the gaming industry since its inception – as the role of regulator and operator are often opposed. Operators and industry bodies must work harder in treating their own interests equally to the interests of its customers – this creates credibility and a platform from which reform can take place. 

Jordan: What do you look forward to by being a part of the 6th Annual BiG Africa Supershow?


Dhrupal: The Supershow allows us to interact with the broader gaming industry under a single roof and most importantly within a short space of time. The ability to meet regulators and potential partners from across the African Continent is also a key feature of the show for me.

Dhrupal looks forward to meeting you all in person at the 6th Annual BiG Africa Supershow. See more information on the BiG Africa Supershow and how you can register below.