Full steam ahead as Bingo Express celebrates £6m jackpot landmark

Full steam ahead as Bingo Express celebrates £6m jackpot landmark

Bingo Express, the Ticket on Demand (ToD) bingo system, owned by a co-operative of high street operators and powered by technology developed by NRM, recently celebrated its seventh birthday a period during which it has entertained players in 80 sites nationwide with more than 1.3 million games of bingo in the process paying out in excess of £6m in prize money.

Andrew Ludlow, Managing Director of NRM, the technology provider that won the competitive tender to deliver the ToD bingo system which went live on Britain’s high streets in 2011, believes the on-going popularity of Bingo Express has been built on a combination of continuous development and attention to detail. Reflecting on the success of the Bingo Express brand, he said: “Working with the founders and owners, who have a very clear and detailed understanding of their player communities, we have delivered no less than 19 different games. Today’s game schedule features 11 and includes increasingly popular bingo sessions that are based on familiar Cash Bingo formats. 


"The Bingo Express philosophy is one of continuous development in order to keep the proposition fresh but within an environment that players know, trust and like. All the games feature jackpots that are paid out regularly and provide value for money entertainment and time on the machine. The top prize of £10,000 serves as a talking point for players and offers a great opportunity for venues to create a buzz surrounding the theatre of a five figure win. There’s no doubt that Bingo Express serves as a focal point for local media coverage in an way that’s not possible with smaller jackpot machines.”


As well as the theatre surrounding the game play and the opportunity to win a five figure jackpot, Andrew Ludlow believes the simplicity of operation also represents a key stand out feature. “Bingo Express has shown its self to be perfect in environments where the customer facing staff aren’t booksellers” he stated. “The ToD makes operating the product extremely straightforward and eliminates any stresses around ticket management. I believe the unsung hero of Bingo Express is the back office. The accounting is fully managed with emailed reports, automatic bingo stake collection with the payback of winnings made direct to operator’s bank accounts. Bingo Express is a brand that brings together great vision and play appeal with reliable and hassle free operational features – it’s a winning combination.” 


NRM is one of the industry’s leading technology providers. The independently owned company is active across  sectors delivering innovative gaming solutions for Adult Gaming Sectors, Licensed Betting Offices and Bingo Clubs.