After the success obtained in 2011, THE PERU GAMING SHOW is working hard to provide an even better presentation next year at the Jockey Exhibition Center, August 16 and 17, 2012.

As said by the show organizers, Mr. Joe Lopez, CEO and Mr. Ruben Solorzano, General Manager, together with their staff, -THE PERU GAMING SHOW 2012 promises to be the meeting place for Peruvian operators, manufacturers and suppliers to the gaming market, as well as secondary businesses necessary for the successful operations of slot rooms and casinos. “We’ll be presenting new things for the countries operators who are always our greatest concern; there will be new companies who have already expressed their interest in participating in The PERU GAMING SHOW 2012 as well as repeat companies from this year who were very pleased with the shows outcome”, added the CEO of Affiliated Marketing Group, organizers of the event.

PERU GAMING SHOW 2012 will also present the Second Edition of The Latin America Gaming Conference, (CIJA) with first class speakers on interesting topics requested and suggested by surveys made to operators and attendants in 2011. We believe this new edition will again be a success when based on this years experience.

Mr. Lopez said that in the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing new projects and events, as well as announcing interesting exhibitions organized by Affiliated Marketing Group and invites you to visit the website and Facebook.