The gambling market of Poland in focus with Piotr Dynowski (Bird & Bird) at Prague Gaming Summit 2018

The gambling market of Poland in focus with Piotr Dynowski (Bird & Bird) at Prague Gaming Summit 2018

Prague – 20 February 2018 – The second edition of Prague Gaming Summit will be held on the 29th of March at Andel’s by Vienna House Prague and the organizers are putting together a powerful speaker lineup.

Among the popular topics which will bring a wealth of information around the Czech Republic and neighboring countries, the organizers have added an exclusive panel discussion about the Polish gambling market.


You can find the official agenda of the event here…


European Gaming Media and Events if famous to bringing quality content about the gambling industry and it’s not holding back when it comes to adding value to their events. In a recent interview with the latest announced speaker (Piotr Dynowski), the team would like to give a short intro about what to expect to hear about the Polish gambling market at Prague Gaming Summit.


When asked about a your personal opinion about the European gambling industry and to compare it with the situation in Poland, Piotr replied the following: 


“Unfortunately, Poland is still one of the most restrictive markets in Europe with respect to gambling and doing business by gambling operators in Poland is still pretty difficult, but apparently the changes to the Polish gambling regulations introduced last year were quite beneficial to the licensed betting operators and helped them almost double their turnover in comparison to the previous years. In general running gambling business, even in the EU, is very difficult as legal regulations differ significantly from country to country, some are very restrictive, others pretty liberal, and it is one of probably very few industry sectors left in the EU that are still completely unharmonised and where it seems the fundamental freedoms on which the EU is based do not really apply. Gambling industry has also to struggle all the time with negative perception by many governments and sometimes also negative image in the society. Generally gambling is still often perceived as something a little doggy and causing a lot of harm to the society despite all the efforts of the industry towards fraud protection, fighting gambling addiction and other important initiatives to prove that it is not a different industry than  any other entertainment industries.”


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To hear more about the Polish gambling make sure you attend the event and join Piotr Dynowski (Bird&Bird) and Anna Wietrzynska-Ciolkowska (DLA Piper) for the Focus on Poland (panel discussion) which will be moderated by Bogdan Coman (ROMBET).


You can find Piotr’s bio below:


Piotr Dynowski (Bird&Bird) is one of the leading Intellectual Property, patent and IP litigation lawyers in Poland.


Piotr advises on all aspects of gaming law, in particular online gambling and social gaming. His expertise covers licensing regimes, regulatory issues as well as advertising and provision of services such as electronic payments in relation to gambling products.


In 2011, as the Polish expert he participated in the research conducted by Cambridge Health Alliance together with Harvard Medical School and Harvard Law School, investigating associations between European gambling regulations and the actual gambling behavior of players.


In 2011, he represented the two largest European online gambling industry organisations in complaint proceedings against Poland to the European Commission for violation of the EU law by Polish gambling regulations, which resulted in the European Commission launching proceedings concerning violation of the EU law by Poland at the end of 2013 which terminated only in January 2016 after a number changes to the Polish gambling regulations were introduced.


He is a legal expert of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.


More speaker profiles will be announced soon, but you may want to check the already confirmed line-up of speakers and register in time. The event is limited to 125 seats. 


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