BtoBet CEO in Sofia to discuss the "New Expectations in the Online Gaming Market".

BtoBet is going to bring its Technifying iGaming Tour 2017 to Bulgaria at the Eastern European Gaming Summit. Here, CEO Kostandina Zafirovska will meet the major local operators and on 20th November will also be a speaker on the panel “Notable technological changes in the gambling industry - introduction of Artificial Intelligence“.


To have some anticipation of the discussion, download the Industry Report “Technological changes in the gambling industry in Bulgaria”.

Commenting on his participation on the EEGS panel, Kostandina Zafirovska anticipated:

“Companies in Eastern Europe must have the capability to invest in products, services and brand reputation to capture an ever greater market share. The gambling regulated market in Bulgaria has already shown a big development in the online direction and the mobile number of users is growing. Today, it is fundamental to guarantee a continuous process – a flow of information, analysis and suggested bets that can be offered to each player regardless of channel. And the selection of a trusted software provider as technological partner is crucial to the expansion of the business.”


After the Gaming Summit in Sofia, BtoBet will bring its Technifying iGaming Tour 2017 to Malta where, the chairman, Alessandro Fried will be a panelist, sharing his vision about the importance of choosing a trusted and neutral software provider to protect operators’ business strategies.


About BtoBet:

BtoBet is a pioneer in new technologies for iGaming operators and the betting industry by using technological intelligence as its main base for its products. It offers unique, customisable, secure and flexible cloud based systems delivering unprecedented capabilities to drive sportsbook and iGaming business. BtoBet has offices in Macedonia, Italy and Malta.  The Technical team of the company is in Skopje and has an ever-growing team of developers. BtoBet’s dynamic Sportsbook team operates from Rome, whilst Malta hosts the commercial and marketing centre.