Advantages of chatbot integration into gambling

Advantages of chatbot integration into gambling

Integration of casinos using a chatbot means obtaining a steadily growing source of profit. Currently, this niche is free and offers operators huge bonuses.  

According to Vadim Potapenko, a representative of Slotegrator aggregator, Telegram casino is a modern gambling trend, allowing users aged over 18 years to enter casinos via the messenger. It is the chatbot that assists them in this issue. It serves as an intermediary, sending player’s request to the casino platform and showing the result. Surely, such a scheme is available not only on Telegram but also on other messengers.      

Concept of online casino chatbots 

A chatbot casino offers users a set of traditional online gambling games, free spins, bonuses, and technical support. Players can easily bet, deposit, and withdraw money. A game via a chatbot can be organized by two ways: 

  • communication with the chatbot is conducted using text messages;
  • gamblers play using interface buttons.  

The second way, with graphic interface, is more preferable for players, as they do not have to type messages but press the button. However, in any case, chatbots are intermediate parties. When downloading the game, it sends a request to the online casino; the platform processes the request, and give the results, which the chatbot tells the user. All mathematics and logic of the game is programmed in the system server.    


Advantages of casino chatbots

 Chatbot launching has a lot of advantages for online casinos: 


  • messengers are quite popular and reach the greatest possible audience of potential casino customers;   
  • similar game services guarantee the anonymity: none of the structures is able to obtain an access to user’s private correspondence;  
  • operators can launch a chatbot casino in the regions where common online casinos are banned and blocked by the regulators;
  • one can create a pleasant image for a casino bot and it won’t differ from the analogue online service; 
  • an online casino chatbot is a perfect solution at the poor Internet connectivity;  
  • such casinos can be controlled from any country;  
  • users can play their favorite games without leaving the messenger; 
  • a chatbot allows to personalize the game and improve gambling experience; 
  • messenger users can involve friends in the game and share their achievements with each other.   


Many experts believe that chatbots are the future of gambling. Assaf Stieglitz, the founder of odds1x2 betting shop, believes that chatbots allow companies to reduce their staff expenses and use saved money to grow their business: attract new customers using bonuses, profitable offers, add new games etc.  

You can discover more about the development of chatbots for online casinos on October 12 at Riga Gaming Congress. One of conference speakers – Ishay Tentser, CEO at IniTech – will tell the audience how to generate leads and to increase the profit using chatbots. Besides, Slotegrator will present its solutions for launching a successful Telegram casino in the demo zone. Tickets to the congress can be bought following the link.