Advantages and features of cryptocurrency in gambling

Advantages and features of cryptocurrency in gambling

Success of cryptocurrency couldn’t slip under the radar of gambling. Its appearance in the gambling business coincided with the growing application of online wallets. Digital currencies have allowed to create a new niche for the online gambling industry, and in some online casinos they are already superseding the fiat ones.

It happens because digital currencies have a number of undeniable advantages that make them ideal for this very business.

Advantages of cryptocurrency in the gambling business:

- Anonymity. All cryptocurrency transactions are completely anonymous. Available information includes only the number of wallet from which and to which the digital currency is transferred. E-wallet owners are registered under pseudonyms and do not specify identification data.


- No double conversion. Double conversion can occur in different cases: for example, if a ruble bank card holder wants to make a bet in US dollars, and the online casino uses euros in bank transactions. As a result, rubles are converted into euros, and only then - into dollars. It doesn’t happen if bets are made in cryptocurrency.


- Transaction speed. All cryptocurrency transactions are made in a decentralized environment - the blockchain system. Due to this, funds come directly from the owner’s wallet to operator’s account, bypassing any intermediaries. Banks do not participate in the process: they do not check transactions, do not slow down money flow. As a result, all operations are made much faster.


- No commission. Since banks do not operate with cryptocurrencies, they are excluded from the transaction process. Consequently, they can’t take commission fee for carrying out such operations. This reduces the expenses of users.


- Possibility to check payment history. Blockchain contains records of all transactions conducted. Therefore, in case of some misunderstandings, aggrieved parties can always check all the data on the operation.


- Wallet security. The owner's cryptocurrency wallet is well secured. Hackers won’t be able to steal the funds without a password. A complex identification procedure brings all their efforts to nought. Even if online casino database is hacked, swindlers will get only the administration’s funds.


- Access from anywhere in the world. Using cryptocurrency, players from any country can participate in gambling - even staying in those locations where gambling is banned. Any cryptocurrencies are issued not by the state, but by the users themselves, so anyone can make bets.


- Impossible to freeze wallet. The state has no right to freeze cryptocurrency wallets, because they do not store fiat currency. Moreover, the wallets are created without involving the government agencies.

However, cryptocurrency in online casino attracts special attention of the authorities for a number of reasons.

The first one is a lack of regulation. Among all the states, only Japan gave bitcoin the status of official mean of payment. The rest countries do not introduce any regulation of cryptocurrencies, so they are not subject to the rules of the Central Bank or other authorities of the currency control. Consequently, there is no tax base. Such decentralized structure of digital currencies concerns many governments.

The second reason is impossibility to check the age of wallet owners, their location and other details. Because of the anonymous nature of the cryptocurrency, no state can verify this information. Holders can be both individuals under the age of 18 and criminals. In addition, players can be citizens of those countries where bookmaker offices and any gambling activities are prohibited.

The issue of cryptocurrency in gambling is covered during many profile events. One of them is Riga Gaming Congress, which will be held on October 12 in the Latvian capital. Leading European experts will tell why cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular in online casinos. Besides, they will explain why its advantages can easily outweigh any disadvantages and why the experts have no doubt that the players will continue to use it.