Managing Director of Don Best Sports will speak at RGW 2017

Managing Director of Don Best Sports will speak at RGW 2017

Betting on US sports gains momentum. Report by Managing Director of Don Best Sports at RGW 2017

What benefit could US sports bring to Russian bookmakers? Find more details at RGW 2017

On June 7-8, Benjie Cherniak, Managing Director of Don Best Sports, will present at the international exhibition and forum Russian Gaming Week. The title of speaker’s presentation: “The Increase of US sports within the CIS countries betting market”. 


Benjie Cherniak is a successful gambling business representative with 10 years of experience in the betting industry. Holds the position of Managing Director of Don Best Sports, a leading provider of products and services related to the North American sports betting industry. Company’s offices are located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Vancouver, and British Columbia. Recently, Don Best Sports has presented two betting solutions:

- an in-play pricing product for North American based sports;

- a data integrity offering to assist detecting fraudulent betting patterns. 


Company’s products have rapidly gained global market acceptance. 


At the forum, Benjie Cherniak will tell why bookmakers of the CIS countries will benefit from accepting bets on the US sports: NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB etc. Many of these competitions are already popular in Russia, and some of them have not revealed their huge potential yet. 


Speaker will present a case study explaining how to create a high-margin and legitimate sports product aimed at the development of new markets. Besides that, he will compare the culture of sports betting on different continents and review issues of fighting fixed matches. 


Exhibition and forum Russian Gaming Week will take place at ECC Sokolniki on June 7-8.


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