VIGE 2017 – RECAP FROM E-GAME SPECTRUM | Recent Trends in Online Marketing

VIGE 2017 – RECAP FROM E-GAME SPECTRUM | Recent Trends in Online Marketing

The first ever gaming exhibition in Vienna took place last week – the Vienna International Gaming Expo (VIGE 2017) organized by EEGEvents - Part of EEG. Our media team attended the event and we have prepared short recaps about the seminars from the first two days of the expo. We also had the chance to talk to some of the speakers, all of them experienced professionals and visionaries  from the gaming industry.

The last conversation from the first day of VIGE2017 was devoted to online marketing and the current actions companies are undertaking in this direction. The pannel was moderated by Tal Itzhak Ron. The speakers who took part were Maayan M. Dana also from Tal Ron, Drihem and Co. Law Firm, Assaf Stieglitz from, Aviv Sher from Prime Gaming and Boaz Gam from Payneteasy. 

Boaz Gam whose company is specializing in providing payments for the gaming industry talked about data security and the different ways to protect sensitive data. The speakers discussed the different ways for stealing data – stealing the list of leads, or the traffic list which is stored by the provider and can easily be hacked and used by your competitors. 

Apart from different legal cases that are trending right now, the speakers broadely discussed the Version 3.0 of the Standard Terms and Conditions for Interactive Advertising. The new version has serious updates and the most important of them are connected with non-disclosure, data usage and ownership, ad placement and positioning, payment, third party ad serving and tracking. 

Author: Hristiana Petkova

Associate Editor