AMATIC Industries has been a firm favourite in Spain for many years. The popularity of AMATIC’s electronic roulette and slot machines could be seen at the Spanish gaming show “Fería Internacional del Juego” between 28th and 30th in Madrid where AMATIC Industries exhibited together with their Spanish partner, Comatel Group. 

The long-standing partnership with Comatel is crowned with success. The Grand Jeu electronic roulette from AMATIC is one of the most popular roulettes in the whole of Spain. The latest Grand Jeu 24X has the powerful and secure HARDROX (HX) platform inside – making the play response time even quicker and portraying the screen graphics clearer still. The great experience that the AMATIC team possesses ensures that players can enjoy electronic roulette that much more. Yet another benefit: the games options are displayed in an extremely user friendly way.

Spanish operators have three types of AMATIC gaming cabinets to choose from – the Performer Grand Arc slant top and the AMAROX C24 upright are the new standard for gaming machines. Furthermore, the dual-screened V24 has been especially developed for the Spanish market. This brand new gaming machine is the perfect solution for stand-alone operation in bars and arcades. All cabinets include the AMATIC MULTI LINER range, including popular game titles like Arising Phoenix, Bells On Fire, Hot Scatter, Lucky Little Devil or Diamond Cats just to name a few.

The GO FOR GOLD bonus game feature has well established itself in the Spanish arcades. The bonus game is started together with the main game or by pressing the separate “Go” button. The higher the stake, the faster the fire ring can be closed. If the inner red bar stops within the marker, then another segment of the fire ring is illuminated. Once the ring is closed, the player wins a spin on the wheel of fortune. When the wheel is spun, the player always wins – either the amount of their participation bet times shown – or the bronze, silver or gold bonus. New for the Fería International del Juego was the installation of GO FOR GOLD right between two V24 slots. This means that AMATIC now has the GO FOR GOLD bonus game feature for their slots in bars as well.

“Our partnership with AMATIC Industries dates back to 2004”, explains Fidel Molina, CEO of Comatel Group. “Within the first five years we had already placed over 500 electronic roulettes from AMATIC in Spain. That shows their popularity here. Today that number is much higher. The AMATIC team has always wanted to understand the specific players needs here in Spain and that has been a great contributor to our success as well. For example, the special slot machine development for our market is paying strong dividends. The V24 cabinet is very popular here – especially with the GO FOR GOLD bonus game now available for the bar segment”. 

Mr. Leopold Öller, Director at AMATIC Industries, notes, “Our long-standing partnership with Comatel has ensured that players throughout Spain have had access to our Grand Jeu roulette and our MULTI LINER solutions for many years. This year’s Madrid show was very pleasing as we received much positive feedback on the design of our latest slots and roulette. We see real opportunities in the bar segment with the new V24 cabinet in combination with the specially developed GO FOR GOLD bonus game feature”.