AMATIC Industries is much appreciated in the Irish market – both for its electronic roulette and slot machine solutions. Together with local partner Genesis Games, AMATIC Industries has built up a strong market share over the years. This is based on the style and performance AMATIC offers – to provide only the best in all that it does.

Future-oriented innovation and keeping with traditions do not have to be opposites. Many players have been enjoying playing on AMATIC electronic roulette for a number of years. They have become accustomed to the AMATIC look. The team at AMATIC appreciates this and have created a special solution for the Irish market. The next-generation roulette wheel offers a host of new benefits and normally this would go hand-in-hand with a new design. The traditional AMATIC design has become a brand in its own right in Ireland. “Therefore, we offer the best of both worlds”, explains Thomas Engstberger of AMATIC. “The Retro electronic wheel offers all the benefits of the former roulette wheel yet it is housed in the design that many players in Ireland know and love. We listen to our customers and when they tell us they want the traditional look with the latest technology, we make this happen. As a family-managed business we know how important it is to provide solutions our customers are looking for”.

The Retro electronic roulette wheel is available as a stand-alone solution or can be placed within the complete electronic roulette Grand Jeu. The further good news is that the Retro can be retrofitted into existing Grand Jeu roulettes from AMATIC that are fitted with the former wheel.

The talk of the town was not only about the Retro – but also the latest AMATIC slot machine to be introduced to the Irish market. The AMAROX C24 is the newest member of the Performer cabinet family and offers the style and class that has made AMATIC what it is today. The curves of this dual-screened upright slot machine truly draw in the players. Furthermore, the latest games mix within MULTI GAME gave visitors to the AMATIC / Genesis Games stand plenty to take in.

“There may be more companies exhibiting at the Irish Gaming Show and we welcome variety. Yet Irish players are the ones who ultimately decide which gaming machines are successful or not. We are proud to enjoy such a strong and long-standing position in Ireland and the fact that we are willing to invest and create new ideas specifically for the Irish market underlines our dedication to the players here who want to play only on the best – and so choose AMATIC”.