This edition is fully supported by the National Office for Gambling (ONJN) and it is organized, like the previous editions, by the Casino Life & Business Magazine, the firs and the most important magazine from the industry from our country, the only local magazine internationally awarded.

The Event will present and debate all the elements which are involved in the Gambling Law. The topics will start from the novelties in the legislation and the norms for its application will touch the arcades and casino life sector but also poker, the online gaming and CSR and responsible gambling. A special panel will be dedicated to the regional updates in the gaming industry.

The participants will find here all the answers that they need regarding the new legislation and they will get models and methods for the uncertain aspects.

During the Conference, in the lobby a micro-exhibition will take place and the participants will be able to see all our partners’ showcases.Among the speakers one can find well known names in the gaming industry from Romania and from abroad.

An important number of companies in the industry such as suppliers or operators are registered but also a great number of representatives from the Government and from the Parliament confirmed their participation, already.

The conference has the fallowing program:

Partner Presentation Panel

Marketing, CSR and Responsible Gaming Panel

Romanian Today Panel

Regional Novelties Panel

Partner of the Romania Today Panel is the Romanian Bookmakers professional association.

Media Partners of CRG7 are Bursa newspaper and the portal

Permanent Partners of all Casino Life & Business Magazine events: DGL PRO and ROMBET professional association.