Bitcoin in gambling business: advantages

Bitcoin in gambling business: advantages

Founder of Bitcoin Embassy, Alex Sudadze, will tell about advantages of Bitcoin in online gambling industry.

Bitcoin allows players and owners of online casino to avoid double currency conversion. Besides that, the availability of Bitcoin payments attracts new customers due to high speed and anonymity of transactions. 


Cryptocurrency is useful not only to the residents of countries, where gambling business is prohibited or highly restricted. Bitcoin as an alternative currency is used by societies, whose financial system fails to operate normally or stagnates. 


More details about the advantages of Bitcoin in online gambling will be highlighted by the speaker of Georgia Gaming Congress, founder of Bitcoin Embassy, Alex Sudadze. 


Bitcoin Embassy Georgia promotes Bitcoin by publishing educational information and news about cryptocurrencies. Presentation from Alex Sudadze – a possibility to learn more about the world of digital currencies and blockchain technology, which are used in other business areas: finance, logistics, retail. 


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